Another Fresh Example of Why You Shouldn’t Check Your Camera Gear


I know we’ve all heard about stuff like this before, but reading an article in yesterday’s Tampa Tribune really brought it home again. On Thursday, Tampa Police arrested three baggage handlers for Continental Airlines and charged them with selling digital cameras, iPods, Cell Phones, and laptops they allegedly stole from passenger’s checked baggage at Tampa International Airport.

But it was what they said they were getting for the stolen goods that really freaked me out. For a digital camera, they got $50. Fifty bucks for your 5D! Fifty bucks for your D3. Fifty bucks for your D300, or 30D, or Mark III and your lenses. I know I shouldn’t be, but I was still stunned. Now, I know many of you read, and you know better, but for everybody else, I hope this is reminder that when you fly your camera gear needs to stay with you.

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