DV Guru Rod Harlan Launches “DV Confidential” Blog


If you’ve ever been to one of the Photoshop World opening keynote extravaganza’s, then you’ve already seen Rod Harlan’s work, as he’s been the director of every keynote we’ve ever done. In fact, if you’re into Digital Video you’ve probably taken one of Rod’s sessions at Photoshop World, or maybe you’ve seen him as a guest on Photoshop User TV, or speaking at events like WEVA, or NAB, or you might know him as the founder of the Digital Video Professionals Assn.

Rod’s also the Dynamic Media Editor for Layers magazine, so he’ about as “plugged in” as anyone in the entire DV industry, and this week he launched a new “insider” blog called “DV Confidential” where he’ll be sharing industry scoops, news, tips and perspective on everything DV, and if you’re into Digital Video you’ve got to add this to your “must visit” list (here’s the link).

Sadly, I picked a bad day to mention Rod’s new blog, because this morning he posted a video clip about my head. Well, not my real head; a 3D “football-shaped pillow” version of my head created by Adobe at Photoshop World as part of Adobe Exec Johnny L’s opening keynote. Johnny L and I have a history of pulling pranks on each other during the keynote, but this time he really got me good, taking a 3D scan of my head; turning it into a football, and kicking it 35 yards into the keynote audience.

I was cracking up; but if it had only ended there. It seems the couple who caught my “head” thought it would be funny to take my football head pillow around Vegas and have people pose for pictures with it. It gets worse. Rod wound up with their images and he made a short video clip of my wandering head that ratchets up my humiliation level by yet another notch.

So, I must get some special credit for mentioning his blog fully knowing that it can only lead to further embarrassment for yours truly. This is the mark of a true friend (for me. Not him). Today, around my house, he’s simply referred to as “bad guy.” But he’s a bad buy with a great new blog, so check it out, but while you’re there; don’t waste your time or bandwidth by watching that meaningless video.

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