Thursday News Quickies

Here’s some quick bits:

  • There’s an interesting article over the NetworkWorld called “A defense against Photoshop Funny Business” which introduces a new French company that has created software that lets you know if your original photo has been manipulated (it even detects one pixel of change from your original photo). Worth the quick read (here’s the link).
  • I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking which type of bulbs to order when ordering the Westcott Spiderlite kit I use on my Lightroom Live Tour (called “The Scott Kelby Studio Kit” at B&H Photo). On the tour I use (and recommend) Westcott’s daylight balanced fluorescent blubs, so you get the wonderful, soft continuous light. (The kit doesn’t come with bulbs; so when you order it, make sure you order those fluorescent bulbs, too!).
  • Peter Krogh, author of the popular “DAM book” (Digital Asset Management), has come up with a plug-in for the Adobe Bridge (including the CS3 Bridge) that you’ll want to know about called RapidFixer, which adds some of Camera Raw’s controls to the Bridge itself, so you can make quick-fixes to photos right within the Bridge without actually having to open Camera Raw. I gotta tell ya–it’s pretty slick. Watch his online demo videos (or buy it for $49.95) at this link.
  • Episode 2 of Corey and RC’s new Layers TV went live today; watch it online right here.

That’s it for today folks; don’t forget to scroll down to the next post for more of today’s news. :)

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