It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am back! I write to you from under an Aurora filled sky. Well actually, the Aurora is taking a break. It will be back in 20 minutes so I’m making the most of the opportunity to sit in the warmth of the van rather than stand outside in -3f (-19c) temperatures, plus wind!

Today I want to touch on filters. Filters can make a huge difference when we apply them in the right circumstances. Think of them as a linear gradient, but attached to your camera ;)

Whether they have a gradient or are solid, a Neutral Density filter will essentially allow less light to enter our lens, blocking it out like sun shades either across the entire frame or a part of it. Learning how and when to apply a filter can give us a huge aid in our long exposure photography.

There are arguments that we can do the same thing in Adobe Photoshop, however although this is true in a lot of cases we simply can’t recreate the streaks of flowing water in the same way as if we do it optically, in the camera, using a filter.

If you don’t use filters I implore you to make it your goal this week to learn a little more about them and consider their application in your photography.

Writing from Finland, with images from Iceland, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Much love


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