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It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am writing today from the UK where I’m getting up to speed after my epic adventure in the Arctic. One of the things I’m getting ready for is the iPhone Photography Conference, and that’s the basis of todays topic.

iPhone photography is incredibly powerful. The sensor packs a punch and the algorithms that create a photo from the data given to the sensor are working at breakneck speeds to interpret our vision. The output is computational and in my opinion this means we should have no hesitation in making adjustments. After all, if our photo is already heavily processed, there’s no room for ‘purist’ photographers in mobile photography. Bring on the post process!

This photo of the famous view of Hamnøy in the Lofoten Islands was shot on iPhone 11 Pro Max. I took it into the Lens Distortions App for iPhone and made adjustments to the colour grading as well as adding some lighting and atmospheric effects. Take a look at this untouched photo from the same series: –

The difference is huge and despite this being untouched, the computational processing within the iPhone has ensured that there are no clipped highlights, no dark shadows, accurate white balance, and sharp focus amongst other things. The photo is being accurately captured without much thought from us, leaving us free to concentrate on the composition when capturing, and then following through with post processing. Here’s another example: –

This is Bertie, shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max using a Profoto A2 and the Profoto Camera App. The flash is fired via a bluetooth connection. I took this image into Adobe Lightroom Mobile to make the adjustments from this original shot: –

I used the Healing Brush Tool to remove the leash, made adjustments to the sky, foreground, and Bertie separately using Masking, and all of this from the initial image capture through to the photo editing was done exclusively on iPhone. The power of the tools we have at our disposal is incredible. I hope to see you at the iPhone Photography Conference to show you more.

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