This May Sound Weird, But I Fell In Love With a European Travel Plug Adapter

Heads up: This is NOT a sponsored post – I’m not using an affiliate link or any of that stuff, but I’ve gotta tell you about this little marvel I used on my trip this pas week.

I’ve been using travel plug adapters for traveling to Europe for years, and I’ve never felt any particular attachment to any of them (no pun intended). I have a handful of different ones, and none of them have been all that great (and I really didn’t pay much attention to any of them) until I found this one on Amazon by a company called TESSAN (I had never heard of them before). I just got back (last night) from a week-long trip with my brother to Switzerland, and I have to tell you – I’m in love, especially at just $14.99. And yes, I know you can find adapters cheaper than this, and I already own a bunch of them, but I’ve never loved them. This one, I love. Love!

It’s got two regular 110v US-style outlets and two USB outlets below that (so four plug-ins in all). It all goes into just one European outlet, which is great because, more often than not, there will just be one single outlet (not two, one above the other, like you usually see in the US, unless you’re staying at an Int’l Hilton or Marriott). Plus, the Euro plug prongs extend outward, and that’s big because most of the European plugs are recessed (I have some old adapters that either fall out or don’t extend out far enough so you can use them).

Above: It even has an indent on top so you can rest your phone there while it charges.

It works in these countries: Italy, France, Spain, Iceland, Germany, Israel, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, The Netherlands, Turkey, Austria, Finland and more.

By the way – when I ordered mine I got one for my bother, too. He loves it. Loves it! Here’s a link to it on Amazon. Get two. Give the other to your brother. He’ll love it. ;-) OK, lots more to share from this trip (including photos, and other travel tips), but I’ve got to board the next leg of my flight home, but here’s wishing you a great Monday. :)


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