Five of my Favorite Photoshop Brush Tips

Happy Monday everybody, and let’s kick this week off right with a quick video with 5 of my favorite, and most-useful Photoshop brush tips (shortcuts, timesavers, etc.). Here we go:

Hope you find that helpful!

Here’s wishing you a better than average Monday!




  1. The first tip is a must. I added a shortcut on my Wacom Pen, the button closer to the tip is now
    ( CTRL+OPTION + Left Click )
    no need to press anything on the keyboard, it works like magic!
    (right click is reserved for the upper button)

  2. So long as you’re in the English keyboard…
    I accidentally switched to the Romanian keyboard and the bracket keys lost their functionality! hahahahahahah I emailed Adobe out of despair only to realize the problem was between the chair and the keyboard! hahahahahaha

    I like the 1st one the best, and use it when working on masks, especially those with complicated edges.
    Great tips!

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