Happy Monday everybody, and let’s kick this week off right with a quick video with 5 of my favorite, and most-useful Photoshop brush tips (shortcuts, timesavers, etc.). Here we go:

Hope you find that helpful!

Here’s wishing you a better than average Monday!




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  1. I knew 3, which is good. Learned two more, which is even better. Thanks

  2. The first tip is a must. I added a shortcut on my Wacom Pen, the button closer to the tip is now
    ( CTRL+OPTION + Left Click )
    no need to press anything on the keyboard, it works like magic!
    (right click is reserved for the upper button)

  3. For some reason my W7 PC wont work with right click>alt to change size and hardness??

  4. So long as you’re in the English keyboard…
    I accidentally switched to the Romanian keyboard and the bracket keys lost their functionality! hahahahahahah I emailed Adobe out of despair only to realize the problem was between the chair and the keyboard! hahahahahaha

    I like the 1st one the best, and use it when working on masks, especially those with complicated edges.
    Great tips!

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