Five Portrait/Fashion Photographers You Should Be Following on Instagram

Howdy, folks – before we launch into my picks – I’m doing a location “safari fashion shoot” today as part of a new class I’m doing on lighting location portraits with the Profoto B1x,  and we’ll be sharing a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff on Twitter, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories, so I’ll hope you’ll come share the experience with me and the crew later today – we start around 4:30 to 5:00 pm, but we’ll be sharing some BTS even before. Hope to see you there.

On Instagram: @scottkelby or @kelbyonepics
Twitter: @scottkelby or @kelbyone

I started a new Instagram account
My existing one is just for travel, so I wanted a new one for portraits, fashion and beauty — it’s @scottkelbyphoto – I hope you’ll follow me there. :)

On to my picks:
Here are five really talented photographers — some doing portraits, beauty, and fashion — that I’ve been following and thought you might give them a follow, too.

Above: Dani Diamond Photography (Follow on Instagram)

Above: Meiji Nguyen (Follow on Instagram)

Above: Karina Yasmine (Follow on Instagram)

Above: Oleg Gekman (Follow on Instagram)

Above: Richard Schmon (Follow on Instagram)

All so talented, yet…
All so different, and all so awesome. They deserve a follow. :)

Bonus points if you follow…
…our own Juan Alfonso (Follow on Instagram) – super talented KelbyOne video editor, photographer, and one of the best guys anywhere. He shares his own images; behind-the-scenes from stuff we do, travel photos – you name it. I’d love it if you followed him.

On Monday, I’m running a live audience test of my new Photoshop seminar
We’ve invited a group of local KelbyOne members to come to the theater in our Headquarters as I do a test run of my upcoming Photoshop Tour (kicking off in October), called “Photoshop for Wedding and Portrait Photographers”. The crowd will give me straight up, honest feedback and ideas, so when I launch the tour it will already have been critiqued, tweaked, and ready to rock. I do this for all my seminar tours, and it makes an incredible difference. Details coming soon at

Hope you all have a great weekend (and don’t forget to give my new Scott Kelby Photo Instagram feed a follow. I’ve got nobody yet). 😢



  1. I’m following you too, Scott! One is the loneliest number…..
    Great to hear about your new tour. I’ll be sure to come, even though I don’t do a lot of portrait photography. Please come to Boston for the springtime….
    (All these song references!)


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