Hi Gang: Just a quick follow-up on yesterday’s post about the lack of framing and mat sizes for digital photographers.

(1) First, I learned something new about the origin of framing sizes from one of my readers: Paul Brooks, who wrote:

I agree Scott. But, you actually have missed a very important point. 4×5 and 8×10 are aspect ratios of View Cameras, which were translated somewhat with medium format 120 and 220 film sizes, but 35mm frames were approximately 1?x 1 1/2?, the same aspect ratio (1/1.5) that digital cameras have. So, that means that the framing industry was outdated when 35mm was popular. I hated to have to crop or do funny matting to print and frame full frame 35mm when I shot film. It doesn’t look like they will ever learn!

Thanks Paul. Of course, learning this makes the situation even worse than I thought.

(2) I sent emails about the article to the leading photo framing industry magazine, and to a framing industry organization as well. I have no idea if it will help, but I thought it was at least worth a try.

(3) Last night I saw a great comment from Josh Bartell from Craig Frames Inc. He sheds some light on the problem in his comment, which reads:

Hi All, I’m extremely glad that I’ve stumbled on this discussion. It seems that most of you agree that there is major issue in the retail framing industry. I too agree, but from the other side of things; I work for a frame manufacturer.

We have dealt with this issue in the very recent past. Many of our large retail customers seem to be a bit out of touch with the needs of digital photographers and are no longer meeting the needs of the majority of frame customers. So…..we have recently started selling as many sizes as possible online. Although we’re still working on our website, we’ve seen a great response on and

I currently manage our e-commerce division and would love to hear more about what sizes and styles everyone is interested in. We’re offering any size between 3×3 and 24×36. We have 30 sizes that we offer as “stock” sizes, and everything else is considered custom. Again, I would LOVE any input regarding what you need/want for frames and mats. Check out our stuff, give me an idea of what else you need, and I’ll make it happen! The industry might not be listening….but I am.

(4) Also, thanks to my reader Wayne who posted a comment yesterday and suggested we check out He noted that they sell complete framing kits in digital sizes. For example: 13 X 19, premade with glass, foam board and mounting kit for less that $20 (with quantity discounts). It says right on their home page that they offer “Digital Sizes” (of course, we now realize that it’s just “proper” non-cropped sizing, and not related to just digital, but hey—I’m not complaining—at least they offer the right sizes).

Anyway, thanks to everybody who commented, and shared their ideas. Now, if we can just get the rest of the framing industry to listen…..

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