I snapped the shot above with my iPhone after a box of foreign translations of my books came in to our offices a few weeks back, and I just ran across it while looking through my Camera Roll (that’s what it’s called on an iPhone anyway).

I get such a kick out of seeing how they’ve laid out these translated versions, because in most cases the size is different (often times they’re hard cover as well), and they often completely redesign in insides and in particular the front cover to suit their market (I complain about them redoing the cover, but my publisher swears that each market feels like they know the kind of cover that appeals to their demographic, so I let it go, but it still kind of drives me crazy).

What’s in the Stack
Taking a quick look at the stack, I can see various versions of my Digital Photography book series, my iPhone book (co-authored with Terry White) gets translated a lot; I see my Mac OS X Leopard books in there, and my Lightroom 2 book, and a couple of copies of my Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks books are in there as well. I see Russian, Korean, German, Turkish, and my first Photoshop book translated into Japanese. (NOTE: If by looking at the spine of the book you recognize any of the languages here, let me know in a comment).

Anyway, I just want to thank all of you who buy these translated copies of my book, and help my books reach a wider audience. I get emails from all over the world each week (sometimes telling me about the quality of the translations, which they say is usually very good, but I have gotten a few that let me know that the people of their country don’t get my jokes. I don’t feel so bad. People here don’t get my jokes either). :)

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