Four Landscape Photography Recipes

The publisher of my book, ‘The Landscape Photography Book” made this excerpt available to everybody, and it the recipes behind four different landscape images, and the recipe to get similar images like it yourself. These are from the “Photo Recipes” chapter of the book. In it, I cover:

  • The Characteristics of each type of shot
  • The Ingredients to make it happen
  • The Location where each was taken
  • The Camera Settings used in each shot

Here’s the link to check them out.

Thanks to my awesome publisher, Rocky Nook, and to Ted, Scott and whole Rocky Nook crew for making this available to everybody. If you find those recipes helpful, and you want to pick up a copy of the entire book for yourself (either in print or as a eBook), you can get it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble right now.

It’s going to be a great week! Let’s stay safe, look out for each other, love your neighbor, and please stop back by tomorrow for the wonderful “Travel Tuesdays with Dave.”


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