Friday “Photoshop Insider” News Nuggets


Howdy folks; here’s what’s up as we head into the weekend:

  • I had some questions yesterday about the font I used as the header for my shots from my trip (where I wrote, “Istanbul, Greece, and Cairo” and it’s shown again above). The font is P22 Cezanne Regular, by the font developer P22 (here’s the link to it on
  • On the heels of releasing my 3rd annual 2008 Gonzo Holiday Gear Guide, the blog “Camera 47” put together a terrific gift guide of their own of “20 Photography Gifts under $100” and I gotta tell ya—there’s some really great stuff on their list (and lots of ideal stocking stuffers). Here’s the link (definitely worth checking out).
  • Jeff Revell (from did a nice piece recently called “The No Memory Card Gotcha,” and he used photos of both Canon and Nikon cameras in the piece. I remember thinking, “Man, those camera photos look really great” and I wasn’t alone, because Jeff got enough comments about them that he did a follow-up article on how he shot those camera images in his basement using a simple off-camera flash set-up and a little Photoshop. Here’s the link to his tutorial on how he did it.
  • Jeff is also interviewed in this week’s “Digital Photography Life” radio show, and you can listen to Jeff’s interview right here.
  • We just released the online training class “Mastering Layers in CS4” (from the man who literally wrote the book; Matt Kloskowski) over at Here’s the link to Matt’s brand new online class.
  • The prices for memory components have come down recently, and Hoodman (who make the RAW memory cards I use), have new prices, too: Their 4GB CF RAW cards are down to $99.99; the 8GB CF RAW are $179.99, and the 16GB CF RAW cards are $299.99. You can get them direct from Hoodman (here’s that link).
  • I had a lot of comments on Tim Grey’s Guest Blog here (it was a few weeks back), and people were asking how he did the Infrared effect he had applied to some of the photos he used in the post. Well, Tim has gone and created a tutorial on how he did it; here’s the link (thanks Tim, for pointing us to this tutorial).
  • Lastly, let’s wrap up with some inspiration from photographer Glen Wexler. He combines some top rate photography with top rate Photoshop work to create amazing images that combine realism with fantasy for everything from album covers to advertising campaigns. Follow this link, then under the header Portfolio (up in the top left), start with his Altered Anthropology portfolio. Definitely wild stuff!

That’s it for this Friday. I’m doing a shoot this weekend, and if I get anything decent, I’ll post it on Monday. See you then! :-)

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