Friday News Quickies

First, I have to thank our wonderful guest blogger this week: Trey Ratcliff. Any time a Guest Blog post garners nearly 100 comments, you know it spoke to a lot of people on a lot of levels. Trey once again reminded me why the Guest Blogging thing is so awesome, so thanks Trey.


New iPhone App Site Launches Today
My buddy Terry White today launched a fantastic new site dedicated to finding the very best iPhone Apps. It’s called and it takes Terry’s incredibly popular “Friday App-of-the-day” concept from his Tech Blog to a whole new level. This is my new stop for finding killer Apps, and if you’ve got an iPhone, I’d head there right now (well, right after you finish the rest of my post, anyway.). :)  Here’s the link.

Trey’s HDR book rocks!
Unrelated to his guest blog appearance; last week I got a copy of Trey’s book, “A World in HDR,” and I have to say, of all the books I’ve seen teaching HDR technique, I think his is hands-down the best of the bunch. If you want to learn HDR, this is the book to get (if you don’t like HDR, don’t feel like you have to post a comment here and get really harsh and condescending. Just move onto to the next news piece). Here’s a link to his book at Barnes & Noble or

Get Some Free Stock Images from Fotolia
Fotolia is a HUGE micro-stock agency in Europe, and now they’ve set out to conquer the U.S. and they’re offering my readers a chance to get download some of their images free to try them out. We’ve been using their stuff more and more at NAPP (Corey Barker swears by their images, and he’s picky as $*#@). Anyway, here’s the link (hey, they’re free—whatdayagottolose?).

Shout Out to Yanik’s Photo School
Just a quick thanks to Yanik’s Photo School for including my Digital Photography Book (Volumes 1 and 2) in their Top Photo Books Christmas gift guide. Here’s the link. Also, the Unofficial Canon T1i blog has an in-depth review of my three-book box set right here.

RC’s Part 2 of this WordPress Blog Design for Photographers is now Live
Part 1 of his class had everybody talking, and apparently he really hit the nail on the head with this one, because everybody’s been emailing us saying, “We can’t wait for Part 2.” Well, it’s here, and up live at Kelby Training Online (here’s the link).

That’s it for today everybody
I hope you’re getting caught up on all your Holiday Shopping, and I wish you all a wonderful weekend (and I hope to have some shots to share with you on Monday). :)

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