Friday News Wrap-up

Well, I’m back home and back in the saddle (I have no idea what that means). Anyway, here’s what’s going on:

  • By now you’ve learned that my link to Moose Peterson’s News Blog (referenced on Wed.) was missing a letter, and that made the link broken. Sorry about that. The correct link is here.
  • Renown Landscape Photographer Stephen Johnson has just released his June 2007 Newsletter, and you can read it online from his site (while you’re there, make sure you check out some of his amazing photography).
  • I just ran across a great site with Web Gallery templates for Lightroom, including some very cool Flash templates. It’s called, and if you’re into Lightroom, you’ve gotta check it out.
  • Apparently, you’ve gotta be really quick if you want one of B&H Photo’s “Scott Kelby Location Kits.” I saw this comment posted by “Ade” yesterday: “I got the “location kit available” e-mail late on Tuesday morning, and placed my order as soon as I could. I’ve got a UPS tracking number. On Wednesday, I wanted to buy a second kit for a friend and was suprised to find out that it was out of stock again! So, it would seem that whatever kits B&H had probably sold out on Tuesday!” So, if you want one of those kits, I would go to the page on B&H’s site (here’s the link), and click the “Notify When in Stock” link. Then B&H will email you when it’s in stock, and when you get that email; go right then and get yours.
  • Dave Cross, like you’ve never seen him (even more animated than usual), and how to quickly create your own animated “you.” You’ve just gotta see it (click here).
  • A really great, insightful interview with our buddy, and world class photographer Joe McNally over at Joe is one of the hottest photographers on the planet (this guy is everywhere), and the article gives you some great background and insights into the artist and his work (I think this interview was conducted while Joe was in Dubai recently teaching a workshop on shooting from a helicopter). Click here to read it online.
  • Digital Artist (and Photoshop World instructor) Fay Sirkis was at my Lightroom Seminar in New York yesterday, and she just released an in-depth DVD called “A celebration of art; Paint like a Master.” She had the DVDs available for sale on the breaks yesterday and she completely sold out!!!!! Fay’s classes at Photoshop World are standing-room-only, and her pre-conference workshop is always among the first (if not first) to sell-out in advance. Fay is just a gifted, passionate, and engaging instructor and her DVD is already getting rave reviews. If you didn’t pick up a copy yesterday, you can order it online right here.

That’s it for my Friday update. Have a great weekend everybody! :-)

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