I Love New York! :)


During the Live Bridal Shoot that kicks off the day



A big thanks to everyone who came out to my New York Lightroom Seminar yesterday (photos above by Dave Moser). It was really great seeing so many familiar faces and getting to meet so many new people, and lots of NAPP members. Plus, for me, it is just such a kick seeing so many pro photographers (over 800+ yesterday) getting so psyched about Lightroom, and the “New Digital Photography Workflow” using Lightroom and Photoshop. Just an amazing day and I can’t thank the wonderful people of New York City for their gracious hospitality.

Also, many thanks to my tour sponsors: Epson, Nikon, Westcott, Peachpit Press, and B&H Photo (all of whom had displays at our mini-expo). It was also the first time we had a display from Westcott, and it was absolutely jammed!!! People are so psyched about those SpiderLites (once you see ’em live; you’ve got to have one. Or two!).

We’re working on the next group of tour dates (we’ll be coming to Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, somewhere in Florida, and a number of other cities as well), and I’ll post them here on the blog as soon as they’re locked down (any day now).

Now, for the Friday News Update (well, it’s actually the next post down). :-)

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