From Friday Morning’s Shoot

Working in the Grist Mill

This was taken first thing this morning (click for larger version) at my photo workshop in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains (in about 33° chilly weather—brrrrrrr) in an old fashioned Grist Mill in Cades Cove. This really nice guy (named Kevin) was working in the Grist Mill and was nice enough to pose long enough for me a click off a few shots (he even let me move him into some decent light). I’ll post some more shots from this morning, but I had to fly out tonight (it’s a long story) so I’ll miss tomorrow’s shoots (rats!). Had an amazing time teaching at the GAPW workshop, and had some absolute first-rate photographers in my class as well. I taught quite a bit; met some really wonderful people, and made some great new friends. I guess that’s what these workshops are really all about—learning, laughing, and making new friends. Not a bad way to spend a few days. Thanks to GAPW for allowing me to be one of their instructors—I had an absolute blast!!!! :-)

P.S. Did anyone notice I finally spelled “Smoky” right? ;-)

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