How To Get a Student Scholarship To Photoshop World 2016


Each year, we have loads of teachers who come to Photoshop World, and even teachers who bring groups of students to the event, but here’s an opportunity for both:  if you’re an educator and you have a star student that you think could really benefit from attending this summer’s Photoshop World 2016 Conference in Las Vegas (July 19-21st), you can submit them for one of the twenty-five student full-conference pass scholarships we award each year. Here’s the details:

The Photoshop World Student Scholarship Program has been created to give promising students the opportunity to expand their Photoshop, graphic design, photography and creative skills by attending the Photoshop World Conference, a three-day conference offering invaluable training sessions led by the world’s leading experts in the creative industry.

Each year, KelbyOne awards scholarships to talented students from across the country. The recipients receive free full conference admission, as well as a one-year membership to KelbyOne (which includes a digital subscription to Photoshop User magazine). The scholarship is valued at $998.

The scholarships are awarded to 25 students based on a direct recommendation from their teacher. We’re looking to award these scholarships to the most deserving students based on talent, potential and passion and if you would like to nominate one of your best and brightest for a scholarship, please share a few words (below) about why the student you are nominating would make an excellent choice as a scholarship recipient. 

Applications are being accepted up to June 6th, 2016. If you submit an application prior to June 6th and are chosen, you will be notified by June 10th. If you do not hear from us by the 10th, please try again next year for Photoshop World Conference 2017.

Here’s a link to the submission form.

New Panel Discussion For Students
This year, for the first time ever, we have a special panel just for students about getting photography work after graduation, and the panel has some of the best working pros in the business (open to all registered students at the conference).

That’s it from here in sunny Florida today. Looking forward to meeting a bunch of you at my seminar in San Diego this Thursday – hope I’ll see you there!



  1. I think that student scholarship is an amazing motivation! In my opinion only best students should get it. My friend who work in gets it twice while studying in college. He said that it is great motivation to learn something new, and show huge results in his works. I think that our educational system should be aimed to make scholarship for successful students to motivate them reaching more goals.
    Thank you a lot for sharing this interesting type of content!

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