Going to Photoshop World Next Week? Don’t Miss…

…these special bonus things on the Expo floor.

30s Glamr 2

1930’s Hollywood Glamor Style Lighting with Mike Kubiesy
Our good friend, and Hollywood pro shooter, Mike Kubiesy is teaching a class on how to get that classic 1930’s Hollywood Lighting look that you don’t want to miss (like Mike’s shots you see above). The class is Friday, September 3rd at 11:45 am on the Expo Floor at the NAPP Expo Theater. Mike’s a great teacher—you’re going to learn a lot. Plus, Mike’s got a class on creating Hollywood Movie Posters (I’m sneaking into this one myself). By the way—these are FREE bonus classes if you’re going to Photoshop World.

Contrast, Details, and Color Manipulations with Calvin Hollywood
OK, totally unrelated to Mike’s Hollywood stuff, is the amazing work of German retoucher, and Photoshop wizard “Calvin Hollywood.” This guy’s stuff is off the hook, and if you want to learn how to do the latest portrait post-processing stuff—this is the guy you want to see! (you might recognize Calvin from his kick-butt Guest Blog post here on my blog). His class is on Thursday, Sept. 2nd, at 2:00 pm in the NAPP Expo Theater. Again—it’s a FREE bonus class.

Studio Lighting: Behind The Scenes With…well…Me!
I’m doing a special presentation at the Manfrotto booth on the show floor about how I use Elinchrom Lighting and Lastolite modifiers in the studio and on location. This was a big hit in Orlando, and they’ve asked me to do it again in Vegas, but I’ve updated my presentation since then with lots of new stuff, so I hope you’ll check it out. It’s on Thursday at 3:15 pm at the Manfrotto booth. Hope I’ll see you there!

There are also Free Bonus Sessions from Cliff Mautner (the wedding photographer that everybody’s been going crazy over on KelbyTraining.com Online), along with a Portrait Lighting Class from the incredible James Schmelzer (ask anybody whose taken his class), and RC Concepcion’s class for photographer’s on how to get your photography blog up and running right now!, plus a whole bunch of other cool classes—here’s the full list of free Expo Floor Bonus classes, times, and locations. Don’t forget, you can still get your free Expo Only pass right here.

    1. And by show him around the town, I hope you mean take him to a HUGE steak and playing the tables in old vegas!!!

      Oh.. wait a minute.. im not projecting.. no.. not at all!


  1. Really looking forward to catching Mikes clases on the expo floor. Great photographer and all around nice guy.

    Still having a hard time believing that this time next week I’ll be in Vegas for Photoshop World.

  2. On behalf of those of us who cannot afford to go to Photoshop World but wish we could . . . thanks so much for having the live feed for NAPP members. It is just a tiny sliver of the entire experience, as I know having gone to two Photoshop Worlds. But it is much appreciated. Have a brilliant time, Scott, and try to get a nap here and there when you can – if you can!

  3. I hope Mike Kubiesy’s 1930’s lighting class is filmed for unfortunate NAPP members who can’t get to Vegas. Hollywood photos from that era still stop me in my visual tracks whenever I see one. In fact, I have a huge (slightly enhanced in Photoshop) B&W of Barbara Stanwyck serving as the focal point of my desktop. Makes my heart flutter!


  4. Although I can’t make the Vegas run, I will be plenty busy re-reading the last 2 books (LR and PS), and throw in Kelby videos. Between them all I hope to have Camera Raw processing down pat (joke). The books are better written than the older versions so I guess you are aging better than I am. The 7 Steps video is a gem of a summary. I never knew that many ways to Sharpen. (Maybe I did once).

  5. Hello Scott, maybe you or one of your readers can help with a quick inquiry. I will be heading for Las Vegas soon from the UK, unfortunately not for PS World. I want to pick up a new Nikon lens and a copy of PS CS5 Mac upgrade. So where is the best store in LV to get me a good deal and find helpful advice?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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