Greetings from Knoxville (what I’ve been up to and some quick Friday stuff)

Hi gang, and greetings from Knoxville, Tennessee. Brad and I are here for some shoots there today for the book I've been working on â” it's the fifth installment of my "The Digital Photography Book" series. This one is called "Photo Recipes" and it's been quite an undertaking, but we're on the home stretch now so it won't be long now ’till this baby is off to the printer.

I've already turned most of the book into my in-house editors, and I'm just wrapping up the final few chapters, so it won't be long now, but if you're wondering why I haven't been as active on social media these past few weeks, that's why.

As we're heading into the weekend, here's a few things that are going on:

(1) I'm selling prints of this image to raise money for Eliza’s treatment
Photographers from around the world are selling one of their prints to help raise money for the life-saving medial treatment for an adorable little 4-year-old girl who is suffering from a degenerative genetic disease called Sanfilippo syndrome. If you’d like to help (and I sure hope you will), could you stop by this site, choose any size print you’d like to buy, and the profits go directly to her treatment.

(2) The negative power of the Unsolicited Critique
I know Brad mentioned this yesterday on "Free Stuff Thursday" but a number of people have been calling this week's episode of "The Grid" our best ever because of the topic, which was "The Power of the Unsolicited Critique." I posted the episode here and if you've got a few minutes, I encourage you to watch it (or just let it run in the background). It's a message and a story I think anyone who shares their images online needs to here. By the way, I didn’t choose that thumbnail preview that you see above (thanks Aaron).

(3) The Art of Dixie Dixon
Every Thursday we release at least one new online class over at (though this year we've been usually releasing more than one at a time) and this week we released an inspirational interview called "The Art of Dixie Dixon" and you're so gonna love it. Dixie is an incredibly talented photographer and a rising star in our industry (she's already been named one of Nikon's Ambassadors). If you get a few minutes, here’s the link. 

(4) Tamara Lackey named to Nikon's Ambassador Program
Just a quick shout-out and high-five to KelbyOne instructor Tamara Lackey for being named to Nikon's prestigious Ambassador Program. She's an incredibly talented photographer and teacher, and anybody that saw her closing presentation at the Photoshop World Conference in Atlanta knows why she is so deserving of this distinction. Our hearty congrats to Tamama (wild cheers ensue!).

(5) Photoshop World Vegas registration is now open
If you're looking to come spend three-days with us in Vegas at the Photoshop World Conference & Expo, jump on it right now because you can save $150 but ya gotta do it now (plus, if you sign up now, you can still snag at room at the Mandalay Bay, where all the staff and instructors stay). Here's the link with all the details. See you in Vegas!

(6) Are you in Portland? How about Nashville?
I am (OK, well not right now, but on May 13th I'll be there for my full-day seminar and annual Voodoo Donuts run, so I hope you'll come out for the day (it's just $99 or even less if you're a KelbyOne member). Also, we just announced that I'll be coming to Nashville with the tour on June 6th. Here's the link with details on either one.

(7) Have you heard of this McNally guy?
Joe is heading out on a KelbyOne live tour again, too! His first stop is San Jose and then he's off to Seattle. If you haven't had a chance to see Joe live, it truly is a day you'll never forget. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss $99 goodbye. Here's the link. You will learn a ton!

(8) Finished another project for CocaCola
I just finished up another project for Coke's Website â” this one is a special one for mother's day â” as soon as it goes live (probably next week, right?) I'll post the link to the story and the images. Really excited to be working with them on such interesting stuff.

OK, that's it for today â” hope you all have an absolutely awesome weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday.



  1. Hey, that last photo looks really familiar. Just sayin. :-) I watched the latest Grid last night and it really does rank up there as one of the best all-time episodes. I especially like how you incorporated the book reviews in there, being a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I think there is a message in there for everyone, not just the folks who receive the unsolicited critiques but also perhaps to those who give them and don’t really realize the power of their own words.

  2. Scott, I have your two combo books/dvds for your Photo Recipes that you released a couple of years ago. Is the new book going to be similar to those, minus the DVDs? Both of them were terrific and very informative. I’m hoping the new book has more photos of Brad in it, though! ;-)

    Have an inspiring weekend,

  3. Hope the trip to Knoxville was a good one!! The weather was great. I needed a photographer for my daughter’s prom pics – I already committed to shoot a friends daughter long before mine decided to go. My other photo buddies are booked as well. Prom pics by Scott Kelby – now that would have rocked!! At least for me . . . Have a safe trip home and hope you make it back in the fall for some UT football.

  4. Last night I was thinking about things. I imagined some of my heroes like Scott Kelby, Joel Grimes and Joe McNally to name a few, contemplate quitting after receiving one negative comment, by an anonymous ‘fan’ on the internet. I thought, “how ridiculous that would be?” So I naturally feel a little embarrassed! But after talking to a few people today, they too suffered similar consequences, albeit in different situations. Crushing, nonetheless. At least I am not alone :)

  5. That episode of The Grid made me want to go shoot somethin’ fierce. Like right now. Thank you for the wonderful content <3 I have learned SO much from seeing your blind critiques that I am beyond anxious to fill my portfolio with a whole new series that outshines my entire current collection with the sorts of improvements that you and your guests have recommended to the people who have bravely sent submissions for the show. Thank you, thank you for the inspiration.

  6. I enjoyed watching that (later again after watching most of it live). Life lesson that keeps re-teaching itself to me: you have to choose to take offense. You can always listen for whatever value you get out of it, but don’t give them much head space after that – you don’t even have to respond. You control your next choices. Same things can happen with people giving compliments as with unsolicited critiques – people intend a compliment but don’t quite get it right – perfect example: they see some wonderful shot you took and their response is “You must have a really great camera/that lens is wicked crisp/has great bokeh…”. Yeah, well they intended well and not a put-down and probably don’t realize that their comment was dismissive of the action of the photographer. It’s all good if you can find a way to turn it to your benefit long-term.

    1. Hah, I just saw this. Might be a good name to switch – sounds like it might be a lot more fun to be a Tamama : )

      And HUGE thanks, Scott!! So appreciate the very kind congratulations.

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