Greetings From New York City

Sorry for the late post, but I was up REALLY late prepping for my sessions today at the B&H Photo Lightroom 5 Digital Photography Summit at the Javtis Center (it kicks off at 10:00 am this morning). I took the shot above (the view from my hotel room at the Hilton Garden Inn on 8th) with my iPhone last night when I got in, and I processed it in Camera+ on my phone (Oppa Kalebra Style). 

I did get to meet up with my buddy, NYC-based photographer Jason Joseph (shown above) at one of my favorite New York restaurants, the incredible Keen’s Steakhouse. Mmmmm. Keen’s. We were hoping this photo makes it into the grainy, noisy hall-of-fame, and I think we have a decent chance at it.

After dinner my brother Jeff (who is here with us in NYC for the B&H Summit too), and I walked down to Times Square and did the tourist thing (sat in the bleachers and marveled at all the giant high-def screens), and I took this iPhone pano of it all.

Look forward to meeting many of you today at the Javits center (if you’re there and you read the blog, make sure you come up and say “hi”). Cheers and have a great Monday!


P.S. If you’re not in NYC, you can still watch the event – Here's the link to sign up for the free live streaming.


  1. How wonderful to see your presentation live, Scott, as if I were in the New York audience but from the comfort of my own home in England! Having just enjoyed your tips and tricks presentation, I am looking forward to the rest of the day. Thank you. :)

  2. Hi Scott – terribly sorry to hijack your comments thread but I really have no idea how else to get through to you. I’ve been unable to get through on the telephone number and the contact page on does not come up with a CAPTCHA word for me to fill in, so I cannot use that either :(

    I wanted to say that I can see (as you must surely also) that people have complained REGULARLY about your iOS video app on the itunes store because;
    The videos are jumpy
    The videos don’t stream properly
    The videos in some cases don’t play at all
    The player crashes regularly.

    But I’m disappointed to see that you do nothing about it. The last update was December 2011…. I’m a little bit disappointed that the videos, which are great, cannot be properly viewed on any iOS device.

    I don’t need to hear any suggestions about pausing, restarting or even installing or reinstalling the app or rebooting my ios device because I have tried this on my two different generation iphones with the same problem, as well as my ipad.

    While you are at it, it would be great if I could view them on the appletv… which of course I could if your iOS app worked properly.

    For so much money, you really should be keeping your house in order. Very disappointed with you Scott, on what is otherwise an excellent concept with excellent content (huge fan of Joe McNally in particular). CreativeLive is taking over my funds on my annual renewal though, if this does not get fixed (I can even download their videos direct to my iphone to take with me even when I have no internet connection – 1 step up from you guys)

    Disappointed and hope at least this message gets through. :(


      1. Hi Kentony – mine works… just not fine. It regularly skips around on viewing videos. It doesn’t happen when I view through a browser on my pc, just on my iOS devices. I thought it was just me but I can see from the reviews of the app that I’m not the only one, far from it, and worse still is that every one else that has posted has said no responses received from support. I’m a big fan of Scott’s and I just don’t think the app does him justice at all! :/

      2. I have on occasion opened a class and the video not show, very seldom. I never watch mine on my pc, I only use iPad (I checked the iPhone just now and it works well). I believe Scott will respond.

      3. Ok – for example, here is one I can replicate across all of my iOS devices, it’s not the only one, it’s just the most recent that I could recall. A Day with Joe McNally, Lesson 8, at around 0:40 to 0:50 it repeats itself and around 1:00 the sound goes and the picture freezes and ‘restarts’ around 1:10 so you just lose 10 seconds worth. I get this on both iphones and the iPad but not on the PC. Would be good to at least know if I am the only one that gets that exact one because I can replicate it across multiple devices (all tied to the same itunes account, mind).

  3. The training was great! Thanks for the invite.
    I did think that when the fellow from Adobe talked about Lightroom being available through the Creative Cloud was classic. I heard the boos all the way back to Alabama!

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