Greetings from Portland, Oregon

Above: That’s me, Nicole Young, Brad “Your face is going to freeze like that” Moore, and Brian Matiash at a waterfall somewhere in Portland (note the beautiful falls behind us. Errrr, to the left of us. Outside the frame. Yeah, that one). 

Greetings from beautiful Portland, Oregon where the sun is shining (well, not this instant as I’m writing this right before bed, but it was a gorgeous day here today), and we’re hanging out with some friends, and shooting’ and stuff.

I’m here for my “Shoot Like a Pro” Seminar today, and as you can see from the photo aboveâ¦I’ve just got nothing for the blog today. Nuthin’ — but on some level, I think the expression Brad is making above was totally worth a visit. Just sayin’.

Hope you all have a “I hope your face doesn’t freeze like that” type of day!



P.S. Although I’m posing here in Oregon with Brian Matiash (from Google photos), he’ll be our very special in-studio guest this Wednesday on “The Grid” where he’ll be sharing some cool stuff. That’s all I’m gonna say. :)

  1. Scott, I really don’t know how you get any work done with Brad around. I’d be laughing all the time at his antics.

    And I agree with Ken….Nicole’s presets rock. I also picked up her new Food Photography book at PSW, and she really hit one out of the park with it. Highly recommended reading!


      1. You’re too expensive. I think Brad just gets paid in hamburgers and Red Bulls.

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