Exposure (the ultimate story-telling site for photographers) Keeps Getting Better

My favorite photography photo-telling site, Exposure.co, has been adding lots of important features for the past few months, but this one may be the important so far because by adding “Categories” they’re making the stories and the photographers who post their visual stories there much easier to find.

They’ve got a bunch of different categories you can browse through now — everything from Travel to Causes, Lifestyle to Events, Sports to Weddings and a whole bunch more. Here’s a link to their Categories page if you’ve got a sec. Also, I’ve got seven photo stories posted there myself â” here’s the link to my page (seen below). NOTE: they recently changed their site link from exposure.to to exposure.co — I have no idea why, but just though I’d mention it in case you already have them bookmarked. 

This is really a big step forward for the site. If you’re not telling your stories there already, here’s the link to learn how. Congrats and a big high-five to Luke Beard and the folks at Exposure.co for making this tool even better and better! Super digging’ it!



P.S. I’m off to Portland, Oregon for my “Shoot Like a Pro” full-day seminar there on Tuesday. Hope I’ll see you there (if you’re not already registered, here’s the link). Next stop Nashville on June 16th.

  1. Are you kidding me! Best recommendation for a photo site! I’ve obviously been nowhere and done nothing compared to these unique photographers. As always…why didn’t I think of those? Because I’m too busy thinking it has to be an award-winner rather than a good shot.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Check out an app called Storehouse for your iPad. It’s exactly the same concept as Exposure but it’s ipad based and best of all it’s free

  3. Scott, I’m not certain I understand the difference between a blog and an Exposure site. I set up an Exposure site a while back based on one of your previous posts but I’m unsure when to use it. I created one post there but as I am uncertain of it’s purpose I just usually blog.





    So would I use Exposure for personal projects and the blog for work posts?


    1. Hi Mark: There are two reasons you’d want to use Exposure instead of your blog: (1) Your images will have MUCH more impact — it’s designed to showcase your photos, and you’ve got the flexibility to create different layouts, sizes, etc.. Right now, your images are just regular ol’ images on an average blog page, like everybody else’s, and that’s how much impact they have — the average amount. (2) The text and layout features at Exposure make the presentation beautiful. Your blog….um….well….um… it’s a blog. I don’t use it for everyday things — I still have a blog (obviously), but when I want the presentation to have impact and look beautiful, that’s when I go to Exposure. Hope that helps. :)

      1. I think so. Will the new Exposure categories make the Exposure pages more visible to search engines?

        Thanks for the response Scott.

  4. I would have thought categories and tags would be a no brainer for a site like Exposure. Thanks for the heads up. Sliced bread here we come.

  5. Hi Scott, I am going to attend a communication workshop in Cambodia next week. I have been asked to bring along a laptop for an exercise that involves storytelling through exposure.co. Now I intend to go from thereon on a two-week photo tour involving many countries and find it cumbersome to carry a huge laptop. My question is: Can I do a basic level uploading and story creation on exposure.co using my iPad? Please note that I have never used exposure.co before but intend to use it extensively now. Thank you.


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