Guess Who We Added To The Photoshop World Vegas Instructor Roster?

Morning everybody! I am very excited to announce three more awesome instructors have been added to our already amazing line-up of instructors (we’ve got a killer line up this summer, and it just got more amazing). Please welcome:


Matt Kloskowski
We are so excited to have Matt back teaching at Photoshop World this year, and of course, he’ll be teaching some Lightroom and photography classes on the conference tracks. So glad he’ll be “rockin’ the houseski” (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) out in Vegas with us this summer.


Trey Ratcliff
How psyched are we to have Trey teaching for us? Megapsyched! Not only is Trey teaching some Travel photography / Photoshop & Lightroom stuff, he’s also hosting our first-ever “Photoshop World Film Festival” where we’ll be featuring ten of the best “under five minute” video creations and film shorts from our own attendees. Really delighted to have Trey joining us, and you’ll love getting to learn from him.


Serge Ramelli
Mesdames et Messieurs, we are proud to introduce, teaching for the first time at Photoshop World, French photographer, Lightroom teacher, and Film Producer, the one and only Serge Ramelli. A rising star in the post processing teaching community and a very accomplished photographer, we are really tickled to have him joining our instructor team this summer.

If you’ve been to Photoshop World before…
Then keep an eye on your email inbox for a very special invite, because on Thursday evening we’re inviting all our Alumni from the past few years to a live private Webcast about all the new things, and new instructors, and fun new events we have planned for this year’s conference. So much to share! Plus….

Someone watching will win roundtrip Airfare to Vegas, Hotel, & a Full Conference Pass!!!! 
That’s right — live on the broadcast some lucky person will win our “Vegas Conference Megatrip,” which includes round trip airfare to Vegas (from anywhere in the US); hotel at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino (the official home of Photoshop World), and a Full Conference Pass (wait…I’m passing out!). That’s right — so keep an eye on your inbox and come join me and Larry Becker on Thursday night.

Have you seen this? If not, watch it right now (it’s short) because it really shows you what it’s like going to Photoshop World (this is some quick highlights from last year). It’s worth watching (but don’t say I didn’t warn you — you’re really going to want to go!).

OK, does that make you want to go or what, right? Right! Come join us this summer in Las Vegas for the hottest time and the coolest Lightroom, Photoshop and Photography training event, and general Adobe lovefest anywhere! Here’s the link for all the details.

Have a kick-butt Monday!


P.S. Did I mention the whole Free Airfare and hotel thingy? Well, it’s pretty awesome. Hope you win it!

  1. I’m always excited about Photoshop World. I believe this will be my 7th. I don’t know why, but I’m more excited about this year’s conference more than ever.
    Maybe it’s because I know what I’ll learn.
    Maybe, it’s the inspiration I know I’ll leave with.
    Maybe it’s seeing folks I truly learn from.
    Maybe It’s being at a precon at 4:00 am to spend 8 hours with Moose!
    I can’t pinpoint the reason, but for those of you who have never been this really is the best 3 days of learning you’ll ever have!

  2. Ah, no plans to go this year, but I’m kicking myself about that decision now with seeing who you’ve added to the roster (Matty K. !!!!). I’ll watch the webcast, and hope I win, but won’t hold my breath. Whomever wins is in for the time of their lives, though. I’ve been four times and each time gets better and better! Just wish it was four days, as there is so much crammed into three that you are bound to miss classes that you want to see. Such a great learning experience………..

      1. Hi, Matt! Long time, no talk. Wish I was going to PSW (still owe you a beer). Loved your Iceland webinar today….cool stuff (no pun intended)! BTW, OnOne 10 rocks.

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