Guest Blog: Entertainment and Portrait Photographer Brad Moore

Photographing Dude Perfect

Back in November 2019, I had the opportunity to photograph Dude Perfect at their headquarters in Frisco, Texas for their merch website. If you’re not familiar with Dude Perfect, they’re a group of five guys who do crazy sports videos that get hundreds of millions of views.

My goal was to photograph them on a white background with the typical edge lighting used in a lot of athletic portraiture, but also light from the front well so the merchandise was accurately portrayed. This meant a six light setup:

  • Two Profoto B1Xs with umbrellas to light the background
  • Two Profoto B1Xs with strip banks for the edge lighting
  • One Profoto B1X with a beauty dish for the face and upper body
  • One Profoto B1X with a 5′ octabank further back, but powered up, for a more even frontal fill

My trusty assistant, Graham Dodd, stood in for some tests while we got everything dialed in.

Just the edge lights
Just the background lights
Just the beauty dish
Just the 5′ octa
All lights combined

I worked tethered into Lightroom (with my trusty TetherTools cable) with a live gallery updating to the merch company back in Tampa, so they could share feedback with me during the production. I did not do final edits on anything, so I just dialed in exposures and made basic develop module adjustments that applied as photos downloaded to Lightroom.

Here are some of the resulting images:

Here’s how some of the final images look on the website, once the retoucher and designer worked on them:

And some production photos, courtesy of Graham Dodd:

I hope that’s an insightful look into a commercial photo production!

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t share some images of my newest favorite subject… My daughter, Eliza! I may be biased, but I think she’s pretty cute ;-)

Photo by Hannah Leigh

You can see more from Brad at BMOOREVISUALS.COM, and keep up with him on Instagram and Twitter.

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