Happy Labor Day Everybody!


Today is Labor Day in the United States, and our offices are closed, so we’re taking today off here at the blog but I’ll be back on here tomorrow.

By the way: I looked up Labor Day in WikiPedia, and here are a few interesting tidbits about this American Holiday:

Traditionally, Labor Day is celebrated by most Americans as the symbolic end of the summer. The holiday is often regarded as a day of rest and parties.

The first Labor Day in the United States was celebrated on September 5, 1882 in New York City.

In U.S. sports, Labor Day marks the beginning of the NFL and College football seasons (#rolltide!)

Have a great Labor Day everybody, and don’t forget to rest and party! :-)



P.S. If you’re relaxing this Labor Day, why not click this link; type in the name of your city, and see if there’s a Photo Walk near you that you can join as part of my 10th annual “Worldwide Photo Walk” on Saturday, Oct. 7th :)

  1. I am so relieved it’s Labor Day – now the hordes of people walking around and blinding us with their white clothes and white shoes will finally PUT THEM AWAY UNTIL SPRING and wear normal colors. It’s a relief, I tell ‘ya ! Enjoy the last vestiges of summer y’all…

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