Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody! :-)

Howdy folks. Sorry for the late post, but I took today off to spend with my sweetie (we actually took the day off work, and snuck away to spend some time together). :)

By the way: the photo of Kalebra and I above (taken by our dear friend Mike McCaskey), was taken in Paris, France on the “Love Lock Bridge.”  To take part in this romantic tradition,  you  buy a lock, then take a marker and write your names on it; then you  lock it somewhere on to this bridge to symbolize your love. then you toss the key into the Seine river below, so the lock can never again be opened, and thus your love can never be broken.

This shot was taken while we were in Paris taping my Travel Photography online class and “A week in Paris with Jay Maisel” for KelbyOne but on my birthday that same year my wife surprised me with a return trip to Paris (one where I didn’t have to teach a class), and she presented me with another lock with our names engraved on it and we attached this new lock and threw away the key. :)

Today we're celebrating our 27th Valentine's Day together (and this year we'll be married 25 years!). As all my friends (and people on Facebook and Twitter) are quick to remind me â” I am the luckiest guy in the world, and are they ever right (and man, do I absolutely know it, and am tremendously grateful for it). :)

Here's wishing you a Valentine's Day to remember, and safe, happy, fun weekend! :)



  1. Happy Valentines Day to you as well! I’m really excited about my date night tonight. Oklahoma City Philharmonic live in the new theater at the college I work at. Perfect Valentine Date Night! Our 14th as a couple 13th as Spouses!!!

  2. Great post Scott!
    I lost my wife and best friend after 39 years of marriage, so appreciate your so much your wonderful love for each other!
    Happy Valentines Day to you both!

    1. I’m sorry Dennis.. This getting older thing is not for sissy’s. I hope you find happiness in your life here.

      Congratulations to Scott and his wife for all the success and times shared. Treasure every one of them.

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