Greetings from New Mexico!

Well, I say that but by the time you read this we’ll actually already be on our flight back home from our Valentine’s Day getaway weekend, where Kalebra and I met up with Moose Peterson and his wife Sharon in Santa Fe, New Mexico to spend a few days relaxing and shooting a few pictures in between (including this shot of the famous San Francisco de Asis church in Taos made famous by Ansel Adams).

Even though I’ve taught workshops out in Santa Fe in the past, my wife had never been, so we all decided to meet up here and spend a few days relaxing and just having fun (and we did plenty of both). The weather was absolutely beautiful (in the low 60s° in the days, and a bit cooler at night), and we had such a great time â” Moose and Sharon are a blast to hang out with.

I have lots of shots to share, but couldn’t get them done for today’s blog, so hopefully I’ll have them later this week. Tomorrow I have a Commercial Shoot for a new client, and then Wednesday and Thursday Peter Hurley is in town to finish up work on his new book which we’re producing for Peachpit Press (and of course, Peter will be our in-studio guest on “The Grid” on Wedneday at 4pm ET). Then on Friday I’m teaching my first “Shoot Like a Pro” seminar of the year to an already sold-out crowd in Tampa, and then on to Atlanta on Monday (there still a few seats left in Atlanta if you want to snag one of the last ones. Here’s the link). Ya know, as I write all this, I can see why I needed a few days off. LOL!

Hope you all have a great Monday, and hope to see you here tomorrow.



  1. Peter Hurley on the Grid this week? I’ve got my spot saved! Should be another terrific show.

    Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend, Scott. Can’t wait to see some of this pictures.


  2. My twin sister was there this weekend too. She sent me photos ad nauseum! “Mel, I could totally see you shooting this and this and this!” I was quite jealous! Hope y’all had a great time!

  3. Hey Scott,

    Santa Fe, NM is an awesome place. Did you get a chance to go to the Loretto Chapel? It’s the church with a circular stair way with no internal supports. It a gorgeous Chapel. Glad you got some time off!


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