Well, we’re back from our Valentine’s weekend getaway (with Sharon and Moose Peterson) and did we have a blast! (We packed a lot into 2-1/2 days).

I put together a photo-story-gallery post over at Exposure.so of my self-assigned photo project while I was there — I chose “Color” as my subject (and I explain why in the Exposure post) and share lots of images there as well.

If you’ve got a minute, I hope you’ll check it out (here’s the link).

Although I’msharing photos from my “color as my subject” project, we did lots of other fun stuff including:

(a) Visiting a way-off-the-beaten-path white cliffs/mountain-thingy in Abiquiu, New Mexico called “Plaza Blanca” where key parts of the movie “Cowboys & Aliens” was filmed. It was actually pretty cool (even though I’ve never seen the movie). I took plenty of photos. None of them good (we were there at “high noon”).

(b) Making over an hour drive to a State Park that was “Closed for the Season.” Ugh.

(c) Dining at what Joe McNally called “The best Mexican food he’s ever eaten” (Joe doesn’t like Mexican food, so that’s saying something). It’s called Gabriel’s and it’s just outside of Santa Fe. Super yummy.

(d) Getting lost and accidentally winding up in Taos, New Mexico, which as it turned out was not a bad thing.

(e) We laughed for 2-1/2 days solid. Our sides still hurt.

Now I’m back to work, and ready to roll — lots of fun stuff to work on this week.

Hope you all have a great day, and hope you get a chance to check out the shots from the trip. :)


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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Hey Scott, Cowboys n Aliens is not a bad movie, I went to it to see Olivia Wilde and was surprised. :)

    • I’ll agree with you on Cowboys & Aliens being not a bad movie, but the beginning was much better than the last half. So much potential wasted! Olivia Wilde did help, though. ;-)

  2. Very nice photos, Scott! And again a great presentation!

  3. I just loved this photo gallery post! The detail shots are something I gravitate to when I’m out shooting, and you captured some great ones. The tip to underexpose in the harsh light was very helpful…thanks! It must have been fun to finally do a project just for yourself.


    • Thanks John. It was fun — while the girls were walking around shopping, Moose and I were walking around shooting’ — it was a lot of fun (of course, Kalebra was probably shooting nearly as much with her trust iPhone — and she got some really great shots). :)

  4. Very nice photo montage Scott. I like how you themed the entire trip around color. Nicely done! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Absolutely stunning photography! I really enjoyed it! What software do you use for sharpening?

  6. Great theme! I love the minimalism, textures, and, of course, the colors.

  7. Thank you for sharing your gift of photography and allowing us to experience Santa Fe through your eyes (and lens). The visual presentation and commentary at Exposure made for such a nice story. I loved the beauty of the textures and vibrancy of the colors. Very inspirational to study how you framed many of the shots. Do you stick to the typical aspect ratios when cropping in Lightroom or ever use unconstrained? And are the photos roughly the same on Exposure or have they been adjusted considerably to fit the format?

    • Hi Scott: I don’t change the original aspect ratio of the shots, even if I have to crop, so they are just the standard size out of the camera. So, in short, they have not been adjusted to fit the format — their format perfectly accommodates the regular digital photo ratio. Hope that helps. :)

  8. Fantastic pictures & woah! exposure is awesome. Thanks for sharing that as well. Very soon getting an account over there. Perfect for photographers.

  9. Next time try visiting the monastery in Abiquiu. Designed by a Japanese architect. It is truly off the beaten path. You may have to set it up via snail mail.

    Did the ladies enjoy the shopping in Santa Fe?

  10. Nice work Scott. Santa Fe is a hard place to photograph I think. Maybe that is just because I live here and see it everyday But you nailed it. It is a funky art town and that comes across in your images well. I think I was the one who took Joe to Gabriel’s many years ago so glad to hear he liked it!

  11. Very nicely shot and presented Scott. I really like the top down shot of the candle holders.

  12. I think you presented our town very nicely. I hope you got to eat at the Shed for one of your lunches.

  13. Hey Scott, I love the images. I especially love the very last pic of 4 really, really nice folks.
    Have a great day!!

  14. Scott, great photos and love the vibrant colors and composition. You are due to come back to Boston for another workshop – weather is great . . . .

  15. Taos? That’s where McCloud was from. Remember that old show, starring Dennis Weaver? (I know, I’m dating myself, but my father is the one who got me into it – he was born on the plains of Colorado.) And if they want to shop, you have to go back in August for the Indian Market.

  16. Scott, great photos. This is one that I took at St. Francis Cathedral Basilica in Santa Fe a few years back.

  17. By the way, Matt did a great job at the LR seminar in Houston yesterday!

  18. You’ve done it this time for sure! While I’m more of a wildlife & landscape photographer, you have given inspiration to try something new. I really love what you have shared. Now I’m on a new mission. Thanks!

  19. Our buddy Jay Maisel would love the Santa Fe shoot. In addition, he has these suggestions for projects that can help, but color ain’t a bad one, just a little broad. Going to Fla for a week. Have a list of projects to keep me focused. And, thanks for your great interest in promoting photography as art, hobby and profession. I have learned a lot from you and, if it must be told, the aformentioned Mr. Maisel.

  20. I do hope you had a chance to try the fresh made-at-your-table Guacamole at Gabriel’s?

  21. I love Santa Fe and seeing your photos made me want to get on a plane and go right now. I love what you’ve shared with the Exposure app – I signed up and can’t wait to do some good things with it. Blessings to you and Kalebra. What a great time you must have had – some of my favorite restaurants EVER are in Santa Fe – Geronimo, Santa Cafe, Coyote Cafe. I wonder if they’re still there. I might have to check it out.

  22. What I really appreciate about the images is, although they are very colorful, they are not over the top. They have a true subtleness to them that make them very pleasing to the eye. Love the various textures.

    Thanks for sharing them Scott.

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