Help-Portrait This Weekend!

If you look back to August 26, you’ll remember that my buddy Jeremy Cowart used his guest blog spot to announce the idea of Help-Portrait.  If you don’t know what Help-Portrait is about, take a couple of minutes to watch this video.  If you watch this thing without tearing up, you need to check your pulse :)

Well, the big day is this Saturday! So if you haven’t already signed up, go take a look at the community section of the Help-Portrait site and find a group in your area that could use your help. But you don’t have to be a photographer to help out!  Some events will need makeup artists, stylists, retouchers, people who are there to lend a hand with other random things, and any number of needs. If you can’t find any events in your area, or if the existing groups already have enough help, you can do something on your own!

It doesn’t have to be a big production (or even this Saturday for that matter).  You could go across the street, knock on that single parent’s door and ask if they’d like to have a family portrait made. Then when you go back to deliver the print, you can bring something else they may need. Diapers, groceries, toys, or something else they could use help with.  It’s not just about giving someone a picture; it’s about something bigger than that.

So take some time out of your schedule this holiday season and give someone a gift that they’ll cherish forever… Hope.


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