Here’s The List of Classes I’m teaching at Photoshop World Orlando

If you’re going to Photoshop World in Orlando, I hope you’ll check out one of my classes. I’m teaching four sessions in the conference track this year:

Wednesday: Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers
This all new class was inspired by my upcoming book (with a similar) name, and it’s especially aimed at photographers who do their own portrait retouching in Photoshop. It’s designed to help you: (a) determine exactly what needs to be retouched (b) how to do it quickly and efficiently and (c) how to keep detail and texture in everything you do for realistic looking retouches.

Thursday: Photoshop for Travel Photographers
Travel photography is one of my real passions, and I’m really excited about this session, which shows you how to make your travel photos look like you’ve always dreamed they would. I packed a lot of cool stuff in this class, and I honestly can’t wait to teach the class, because I think it’s going to help a lot of people. I love classes like this!

Thursday Afternoon: Blogging for Photographers
I hosted this panel at Photoshop World Las Vegas and it wound up being a bigger hit than I ever expected, so we’re bringing it to Orlando this year. I’m joined by some very successful bloggers who all share their insights and expertise and I hope you’ll stop by and check it out. There’s a lot of info here, including a lot of things I don’t see anybody talking about anywhere, and I really think you’ll get a lot out of it (and you’ll get totally inspired to start a blog of your own).

Friday: Lightroom Killer Tips
This is an updated version of my popular class on the Lightroom track. I learned a bunch of new stuff since last time, so I updated the class to add these new techniques, and this is another one of those classes that I can’t wait to teach. Man, I love Photoshop World! :)

Anyway, if you’re going, I’d love to see you in one of my sessions, so I hope you’ll drop by. If you haven’t planned on going, why not? Here’s the link—come and spend a few days taking your career, and your skills, up a big notch (warning: if you go even once, you’ll want to go every year. Ask anyone that’s been to one). See you in Orlando at the end of March!

    1. John, I went to my first PSW last year in Vegas (after Scott graciously asked my wife to run the business and let me go) and by far the best thing I have done for my photography ever! I had the best time meeting folks that I only knew through Scotts Blog, NAPP and Twitter. I was so impressed that when they announced the 2011 sale on tickets the day before PSW was over, I bought mine. I have also got my upgrade and Safari with Moose and Joe!
      If you haven’t attended one of these you just can’t imagine what you are missing. Cool and Kick-Butt on steroids!

      1. The first paragraph that Ken wrote fits me perfectly except that The PSW in Vegas was my third.

        I wish I could afford the time away from my college and students to go to each and every PSW that is ever held.

        In fact, I doubt I’ll miss another fall, West Coast PSW since it does include more classes than you could ever imagine. One could never get even a small percentage of the information that is out there during one of these events.

        Meeting Ken and others, was of the best parts of PSW I’ve experienced. It is nice, too, when folks like Scott, Dave, Matt, Moose, Laurie, Felix, Larry and others shake your hand and call you by name.


      2. Ken: I wish I could afford it, but the finances won’t allow it (I was recently laid off). Nowhere else I would rather be at the end of March, but I’ll have to wait until I’m back on my feet!

        As Mike said, I think the best part of PSW for me would be to personally meet Scott & some of the instructers from NAPP, as well as you and the other posters here. Great group of people here!

        I’ll make it there someday! BTW, are you hiring at The Flounder? :D j/k


      3. John, hope you get hired soon, the econony has taken a toll on us all. I won’t be able to make Orlando but will be in Vegas. Maybe you will get to come to one soon.

  1. Scott:

    Have someone check out the various hyperlinks on your main page. A few of them (My Gear, About Me) are going to another page altogether. I signed on late yesterday to view some comments to the blog and the link went to Moose’s post from the last month. Now it’s OK, but something is or was acting wonky (I love that word….:D ).

    Also, what design program do you use for your on-line portfolio? I know RC uses the same one, as his website has the same formatting. It’s very cool and easy to navigate. Wonderful pictures, too! Just wish there were captions, so we would know where the shots were taken.



    1. As the guy who proofreads (and corrects) Scott’s blog first thing in the morning, (I’m an early riser and I usually make corrections by about 5:30am), I always enjoy Scott’s inadvertent “strategic typos.” You know, the ones that aren’t just a misplaced letter, but ones that change the entire meaning. Alas, only the night owls and I get to see them because I try to correct stuff before the bulk of his readership wakes up and hits the blog. So let’s just keep this as our little secret. ;)

  2. Under Thursday’s class you wrote:
    “you’ll get totally expired to start a blog ”

    That concerns me, are you saying that if we start blogging we will suddenly expire???

  3. Dang, I want to be there SO bad!! I’ve been twice to the Orlando Photoshop World and it is by far the absolute best conference I’ve ever attended. I just wish my brain could absorb every last bit of the information that I learn. Between the regular classes, expo classes and shopping for the latest gear and software, there’s no time for lunch during those days. It is the absolute best! Since I went last year, I was telling myself that I’d save up for Photoshop CS5 this year and skip the conference. It’s a hard decision, that’s for sure, and I’m not completely sure my mind is made up yet! ;-) I may be watching that early registration deadline VERY closely! lol.

  4. Blogging for Photographers!!!!!
    I saw this session in Vegas and you did it great.
    I am sure many people are interested in a training about that on :-)

    lg Calvin

    1. If this is the one and only Mr. Hollywood, it was excellent meeting you at PSW in Vegas as well.

      Folks who have never attended one are really missing out. Photoshop World, to me, is worth twice the price but don’t tell the folks a Kelby Training ;)


      1. To add to what Mike said, Calvin Hollywood is an awesome teacher and has some cool and kick-butt tutorials on his website and! If you like the contrasty look then Calvin is the master.

  5. This is going to be my seventh or eighth Photoshop World — I’ve lost count — and nothing else recharges my creative batteries so much. I’ll have the Speed Pass this year, and I can’t wait! Any photographer or digital artist who wants to be better at what he or she does should definitely make the trip — I cannot imagine anyone regretting it!

      1. Oh, I’ll definitely be hitting at least three of your classes, if not all four. If only I could clone myself and attend multiple classes at one time — but then there’s the question of what to do with those pesky extra bodies afterward … thank goodness the conference workbook includes most of the notes from ALL the classes.

  6. I would just LOVE to go but can’t afford it … In addition to the conference pass I need to add the trip over the big pond of Atlanten. But hope to get a lot of fun stuff/info etc on the NAPP page once it’s over. I sure could need a creativity boost. Have fun to all who are going to be there :-)

  7. Ok… This may seem like a simple question… But is the spring PSW held in Orlando every year? I’m new to your blog (and love it) and I’m hoping this can be something I look forward to on an annual basis… I’m a native Orlando Floridian… I’ll be the one waddling around roughly 8 mo pregnant…LOL!

  8. I am from india and to really say i miss you a guys a lot.. I wanna hear the classes.. Do you guys make it over soft copy??

    I am a great traveler and i love taking photography. Photoshop for Travel Photographers on thursday would be a great event for me..

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