It’s a national holiday here in the US (the banks are closed, government offices, and so on), and our offices are closed today as well, as we celebrate the New Year.

I’m off today from work, but I’m psyched to be shooting the Outback Bowl on assignment from Southcreek Global (The Georgia Bulldogs vs. the Michigan State Spartans). It’s my last scheduled football shoot for the season (but hey, ya never know, right?), but now that football is almost over, it could be time to shoot some NHL Ice Hockey soon, eh? :)

If I get anything decent, I’ll post a few here tomorrow.

Here’s wishing you your best year yet!!!



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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Yeah Scott, you should shoot some hockey!! That would be awesome!

  2. I’m a huge Lightning fan. I would kill to shoot them sometime. You should definitely try and shoot them since your right there in Tampa.

  3. Scott, y’all have a great “day off”!! I was hoping you would shoot the Orange Bowl with my Clemson Tigers. Hope everyone has a great 2012!!!!


  4. Hey Scott,

    Have a Great time at Outback Bowl! I’m looking forward to your captures! Hope you and your family had a Great New Years! Looking forward to some really great stuff from you guys this year! Although, 2011 is going to be hard to beat!

    Safe travels and Go Michigan State!


  5. And the same to you and yours Scott!
    Thanks for what has been an incredible year not just on a personal level but when it comes to the training/teaching material that’s been produced over the past 12 months.

    Thanks for everything and yeah here’s to a fantastic 2012,

  6. Great HNY 2012 DESIGN…

    See you soon on the web

  7. Oh Scott… please, just hockey.

    Otherwise, that would be awesome to see. If I can suggest it, the World Junior Tournament held over the X-Mass break and into early January produces some of the most exciting hockey of the year. Too late this year as they are heading into the elimination round now. Maybe a good reason to head to Russia next year? If that is too exotic, than it will be back in Canada or the US in 2014.

    Either way, I would enjoy seeing what you can do with it!!

  8. Are you trying to sell us FILING cabinets in this new year, Scott? Shouldn’t your headline say, “filled” and not “filed” with Peace, Joy, Health and Prosperity? Only messing with you. I am pleased to be a regular reader of your blog and own many of your books.

    I do have a request in the new year though. I think everyone but you has done a seminar in Kansas City. When are you going to come here to the land of really excellent barbeque? I can show you the sights when you are here as I am a native. Happy New Year, Scott, to you and all your friends and family.

  9. Go Dawgs! Watching the game now so I’ll keep an eye out for you on the sidelines.

  10. Scott:

    Thanks for all you shared last year and I’m looking forward to see what comes up this year. Enjoy the bowl game and I hope you may get another surprise opportunity before the season is totally over.

    I don’t know anything about hockey, but the NBA season is finally cranking up if you want to go sit in the Orlando arena for a while.

  11. Thanks for a great 2011, Scott. I learned a lot this year from you and the other instructors at NAPP. Hope 2012 brings the same (I know I’m looking forward to PSW Vegas this year! 8))

    I shot ice hockey once, and it’s a challenge. I know you’ll probably shoot some NHL games where the lighting is fairly good. Maybe you should try a high school game to show us what can be done in that kind of light. Although I don’t imagine there are too many ice hockey rinks in the Tampa area! :) You might have to travel north….


  12. Have an exciting new year Scott, all the best to all the guys at Kelby training, you’re doing an excellent job!

  13. Yes NHL Hockey!!! It’s a great sport to cover. And I am lucky enough to cover the rematch from last year’s Stanley Cup, the Bruins and Canucks this Saturday here in Boston. But before that its the Celtics on Friday.

    The Lightning are a good team to cover with a lot of stars, Stamkos, St Louis to name a few. Shooting hockey is a lot of fun. Fans are crazy…well here in Boston they are.

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  15. Hi Scott: Wish you shoot more wonderful photos in 2012!
    Happy new year!

    a friend and fan from China,Bao

  16. Happy New Year Scott!

  17. Happy New Year, Scott. I hope it was a graceful exit and entry from the old to the new year.

    Question or observation: I think your feed has stopped working. I have not had any updates on my feed since Dec. 21. I would hate to miss any of your posts.. :)
    Just wondering if I’m the only one… :)

  18. Happy New Year Scott!Wish you all the best for this another year to come…
    More power!

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