The first half was a snooze. The score was 2 – 0 until nearly the end of the half, but then in the final minutes of the half, we had a touchdown, a runback (which I missed because I was uploading photos already), and then the 2nd half lit up, and the game wound up going into triple overtime. It was awesome!

I was there shooting on assignment for wire service Southcreek Global Media and it was a perfect day for football, not cold, not hot—a nice breeze and beautiful blue skies. A perfect way to wrap up my football shooting season! :)


(Above: Michigan State’s Quarterback decides to keep the ball and run for it!)

Here’s a few shots from the game (probably my last this season, unless some playoff opportunity breaks loose). Now, onto to NHL Hockey!!! :-)

One more thing: Camera settings. Same as always, but since it was a day game, I got to shoot at 200 ISO (my camera’s native ISO) most of the day (had to crank it in overtime because it started getting kinda dark).


(Above: I love how you can see the ref signaling touchdown in the left background).

(Above: I just knew he was going to signal the first down after a big catch and run like this—so I just stayed on him after the play)

My thanks to the gang at Southcreek Global for the opportunity to shoot some football for you guys this year, and thanks to everybody here on the blog that put up with seeing a bunch of football this past couple of months. :)

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  1. Nice shots Scott, I like the ones on Google+ too. 8-)

  2. Some really nice sports shots here, wish I was more interested in the teams involved but regardless there are some great photos.

  3. Awesome Scott! Thanks for sharing!
    p.s….you know your RSS feed isn’t working right, right?

  4. Very nice shoot. Your the best.

  5. Scott, congrats on another great season of football shots. Hopefully a playoff opportunity will arise for you, but if not, I look forward to seeing what you shoot next season. One of these days (maybe next season if I’m lucky) I’ll figure out a way to shoot some NFL or college games myself. Don’t let yourself do too many NHL games – let’s see you do some more portrait shooting during the football off-season. :)

  6. The last shots of the season?? We have to wait until September for more? Life is not fair….

    As always, terrific captures, Scott! “Every picture tells a story”, indeed. I love how the emotion of the moment always shines through in your sports shots. It’ll be very interesting to see your hockey pictures!


  7. “put up with football”? There’s no such thing, we relish, no thrive in and for the coverage!! (is that too dramatic? I just want to get across the fact that I really love football)
    That was such a great game! (minus the first quarter and a half) I really liked the detail shot at the top, and the coach’s expression, and that vertical tackle, great timing.

    I didn’t spot you this time peeking over the shoulder of the on air reporter…

    I hope you catch a break and get some playoff game(s) thanks so much for sharing and making me jealous this season, it’s been a blast.

  8. Thanks for sharing Scott. As I mentioned to you at the DC class, please do a book on sports shooting. Hope you have a great 2012. :)


  9. Great shots Scott. I assume you we’re using your normal set up? D3s & 400mm f2.8 & D3 with a 70-200?


  10. I spend most of the year shooting hockey, oh to be able to shoot the NHL.

    Enjoy it if you get the opportunity.

  11. It was nice of the refs to give you a good shot with that touchdown signaling for your last shooting game of the season. I guess they wanted to be nice for your last shooting day.

    I’ve used your football shooting as inspiration for the HS football shooting I did. I’ve learned a lot and hope I get to apply it next year.

  12. Scott great shots! Would be even better without some much of the guys in White n Green!
    LOL. : ‘)

  13. Hey Scott….
    Awesome work as always… I love that first shot of the quarterback, one of the best I have
    ever seen!!!

  14. Quality shots Scott…looking forward to the Hockey pics!

  15. Outstanding action shots! They are all great, particularly that last one with the player in full tilt. :-)

  16. All great shots but particularly like the one of #82 about to catch the football. Perfect in so many ways!

  17. Thanks Scott, for sharing the great shots. For some time, the inspiration from your football shots and the insight you have provided has helped me with my football photos. Several years ago some of your tips and ideas gave me the encouragement to volunteer to take pictures for my son’s high school team. The team needed a way to raise some money (due to the misdeeds of a previous coach), so I jumped in to help. It’s been very rewarding and feels fantastic when a parent, coach or player thanks me for the work. Again thanks for setting a great example of giving and sharing.

  18. I like these a lot better than the “Kelby Curse” shots you posted earlier. Looks like you did a great job and had a great time. You sports shooters amaze me.

  19. Never a shot of a cheerleader? Sigh…

  20. Love the Keshawn Martin (#82) shot, right down to the Spartans logo. Nike should like it, too.
    I can’t wait to see your hockey shots. Will you be shooting the Bolts?

  21. Nice images as always, but it will be a welcome reprieve to see something other than football. ;)

  22. Sorry for football? Are you NUTS?!?! Never be sorry for posting football shots, especially when you have some awesome shots like these. Great work!

  23. What fantastic shots! As hockey is near and dear to my heart (my Canadian citizenship might be revoked otherwise), I am looking forward to your NHL shots.

  24. I thought I saw you on the television. Great shots by the way

  25. Great shots!
    I wonder if you are following the discussion on G+ and +Trey Ratcliff ‘s Web site on third generation digital cameras and if you have considered trying one of the new camera’s with their very high frame rate for sports photography at least as an experiment?

  26. Excellent photos! Can’t wait to see what you shoot on the NHL ice!

  27. very cool. I enjoyed all the football pictures and details that went with them. I can’t wait to see the hockey shots.

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