Hola a todos. Saludos desde Espa±a

Above: Photo of me by my brother Jeff at an awesome little restaurant near our hotel.

Greetings from Spain, everybody!

Well, by the time you read this, I’m already on my way home â” it was a VERY short trip, just me and my big brother Jeffrey (the trip was a Christmas gift from my awesome wifey), and Jeff picked Valencia, Spain after a recommendation from our friend David Ziser, and David was spot on â” what a beautiful, fun, charming place!

Above: That’s my big brother Jeff, at the City of Art in Valencia. He really got some great shots on this trip!

So, I don’t really have a post for today other than to say â” I’m on my way â” I’ll share some photos soon, and a big thanks to everybody who shared the trip with me live during my Periscope App streaming broadcasts from Valencia each day, and last night from Madrid (where our mother was born). :)

Hope you all have a great weekend, and I’ll talk to you again once the jet lag wears off. ;-)



P.S. Even though I won’t be there today for the 12:00 noon ET Photoshop World Conference Insider’s Preview, I pre-recorded a few cool tips from my “Retouching Faces” class that I’ll be doing at the conference, and they’ll be sharing those tomorrow (I’ll be there not only in spirit, I’ll be there sharing a few tips, too!). 

  1. I assume you did not visit Barcelona – you did the right thing! I happen
    to live there and while Barcelona is being agressively promoted as a
    tourist destination, sadly nowadays it’s nothing but a huge tourist trap
    and most visitors leave feeling cheated. There are indeed some nice
    things to be seen, but the excessive amount of people everywhere makes
    it impossible to enjoy anything. It was a great place to visit some
    years ago, but not anymore – just a Theme park or a place for getting

    Valencia, instead, is a great choice (btw, I didn’t know your mother was born in Madrid!).
    Hope to see your photos son!

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