Hi gang â” I just posted a few shots from my trip this past week to Valencia. We (my big brother Jeff and me) were only in Valencia one and a half days, and we got just over 5-hours in Madrid. Why so short? We totally messed up our planning â” we were supposed to be there three days â” the images, and the story, are over at Exposure.

Here’s the link

If you get a sec, I hope you can check them out. Have a great Monday, and we’ll catch ya tomorrow.



P.S. I’m doing a series on “Features I’d love to see added to Lightroom” and today is “#4” of 10. If you get a sec, pop on over to LightroomKillerTips.com and join in the discussion â” lots of great feature ideas in the comments section. 

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  1. Wow Scott! Those are some incredible photos!!! I love the Inside the cone shots. The reflection shot are Beautiful! While going through your photos … I’m getting the urge to buy a fish eye. I assume they make them for non-full frame cameras? I have a Canon 7D.

    Again magnificent photos! The Cathedral shots were awesome!


  2. I love the images here Scott. It was good to see you used a Tamron lens for part of them. I have 3 Tamron lenses. I love them all. I hope to see you in Vegas in August.

  3. As with all of your Exposure posts, I am very impressed. Some great captures here! Scott, did you make a book of this trip? And do you plan to return some day, this time with Kalebra?

  4. the old “forgot the card reader” problem… yeowch. ;)

    Nice shots, as always…

  5. Love my 16mm Nikon, this has given me some ideas to use it more. Did you use Lens Correction on the fish eye shots?

  6. Georgeous photos, as usual you make it seem so easy to find the best shots. But finding isn’t the hard part, seeing the shot is the key. You are as good as they get at doing that. Were you able to use a tripod for all (any) of the shots?

  7. Schedule probably would have worked out if you were using an Apple Watch. 😂

  8. Beautiful light. Good examples for my students. Fun having a brother to travel with. Mine is a geologist. I have a lot of photos of rocks!

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