How The Print Exhibition System in Our Gallery Works (and a look at Saturday’s Gallery Reception)

Above: Our contest winner, Canadian landscape photographer Ramtin Kazemi (photo by Kalebra)

Saturday night, we were honored to feature the outstanding landscape photographer of KelbyOne member Ramtin Kazemi in his own solo Gallery Opening, and wine and cheese reception. Ramtin (“Rami”) was awesome — so gracious to everyone, answering questions and chatting with everyone and his artist chat, hosted by the always awesome Larry Becker, was just fantastic — he was so inspiring, informative, and fun.

And, just like every other opening we’ve had at the gallery, there are so many questions about the system we use in the gallery for displaying the prints. First, there are all kinds of questions of the paper and printing process, and then how they are displayed on the walls where they stand out from the wall. I was chatting with some folks about the system and I went into our storage room and found a print from a previous showing, and I brought it out and everybody rushed over to see how this is all done. That got me to thinking — I had recorded an interview with Glen Clark from BayPhoto Lab (the inventors of the Xpozer system we use in the gallery) back at Photoshop World earlier this year, and I wanted to share it with you here so you can see how it all works.

After the short video below, I want to share some shots from Saturday’s opening with Ramtin.

Pretty amazing — and it’s so lightweight. Anyway, Hope you found that helps.

Here are a few shots from Saturday’s gallery opening for Ramtin Kazemi:
Such a great evening! (Event photos by Rachel Scott. First two by Kalebra).

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Gallery Opening for Ramtin, and thanks of course to Rammy himself, and his super fun, super supportive girlfriend Amanda who was such a joy — it really was a wonderful night. I hope you can make it to one of these openings in person — it’s really something special to see. The wine and cheese aren’t bad, either. ;-)

Have a great week everybody — let’s make it a great one!



P.S. If you missed Rami’s artist talk Saturday night – we’ll be replaying it in its entirety, this Tuesday. Keep an eye on my Facebook or Twitter accounts for the link to the free rebroadcast. :) 

  1. I tried the Xpozer prints recently based on what you’ve said, Scott, and my wife LOVES them. We are now changing over the prints in our home, updating some, and using these exclusively. So easy to hang, and like you said, so lightweight. The printing looks amazing; on one B&W I did from the Las Vegas mountain area, my wife was floored at the sharpness and says she just gets lost in the image. That says a LOT about the quality.

  2. Congrats to Rami! I have just got into producing large prints with the Canon Pro 10S at home and after getting the colours right, mounting and hanging them is the next problem too. How would you recommend to best mount images, without having to frame them or go the the proprietary Xpozer system?

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