How to Become a Better Photographer in 2014

“The Grid” our weekly photography talk show which airs live each Wednesday at 4:00 pm ET, was back after our holiday break this week, and we did our 2nd annual “How to become a better photographer inâ¦.” show, where we give our viewers ideas on how to move forward in their photography in the coming year.

Last year’s episode was one of our best of the year, and this year we had the advantage of having a wonderful in-studio guest, landscape photographer Karen Hutton, and she was just fantastic. Lots of great insights and totally worth watch just for her tips and perspective. Best of all, it’s free and you can watch it right above (how about that awesome thumbnail up there, eh? Geesh!).

Here’s wishing you a kick-butt weekend, and we’ll see you back here on Monday. :)

  1. Loved this episode. The 2013 episode was great too!

    I found it all very useful information, but like last year, I don’t personally think “step 1” is a must do. I think as a photographer I can improve and still shoot the different types of photography I enjoy. I don’t believe I need to decide on the type of photographer I want to be, other than a good photographer. I don’t have to be a landscape photographer only, or a portrait photographer only to get better. I do agree with “step 1” if you want to become a known photographer in a certain style, but I don’t think it’s necessary for someone who just wants to be a better photographer, rather than well known photographer. Although Colby Brown and Rick Sammon have proven you can have both.

    I thought the explanation towards the end of the show where Scott talked about shooting cars and Matt talked about landscape photography were better examples of the approach one should take for self improvement. Eg, find a type of photography you’re interested in or want to improve on and concentrate on that for a while instead of just shooting everything willy nilly or deciding that you’re now purely a -insert here- photographer.

    I enjoy photography as a broad topic. Landscape, wildlife, sports, portrait and automotive. Maybe continuing to do them all will never make me great at any one of them, but I truly enjoy every one of those types of photography for different reasons and also a lot of the same reasons.

  2. Hey Scott, you guys need to develop a navicon for ;) Matt’s Long Exposure class is one of the BEST out of all of the one’s I’ve looked at over the past two years. KUDOS to him for such a great adn thoughtful presentation. The recent Grid is queued up and ready for looking at today. Have a great weekend.

  3. Gonna watch tonight. I’m surprised no mention of the new Kelbyone app on the blog for iOS7. It’s way better, easier to navigate. Only thing I can’t figure out is how to download a class so I can watch it later.

      1. Sounds great, looking forward to watching on my morning commute on public transportation. Thank you!

  4. Enjoyed the show. Listening as each of you played off each others thoughts was very insightful for me. Especially enjoyed the advice to break rules. Sometimes I get so bogged down in the details that I miss the bigger picture.

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