How to Create Beams of Light in Lightroom (and some images from Friday’s Airshow shoot)

Happy Monday, everybody. Got a quick (but very cool) Lightroom tip for you (and some shots from the Sun n Fun Aerospace Expo Airshow I shot on Friday), and although it seems like it would work in Camera Raw (since they mostly have the same features), this trick uses Lightroom’s A and B brushes, but Camera Raw only has the “A” brush, so this is a Lightroom-only trick. Check out the short video below for how it’s done (it’s really easy).

Pretty cool, right?

Here’s some shots from the Sun n Fun Aerospace Expo Airshow

Had a great time at the airshow with Mr. Kuna, our buddy Larry Grace was there, and of course, the Grand Poobah (and super cool guy) of the Sun n Fun Photo Team, Joe Caccioppo. I had a great time as always – the weather was really nice – we even had “air show” clouds,” and of course, the jets and Warbirds were amazing (specially seeing that F-35 C hover in place).

Thanks to Joe, Erik, and all the crew at Sun n Fun for the opportunity. Here are a few of my finals (above).

Have a great Monday, ya’ll. :)


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