iPhone Photography Courses from KelbyOne

iPhone Photography Courses from KelbyOne

Did you enjoy the amazing sessions from KelbyOne Live’s iPhone Photography Conference? Are you looking for even more opportunities to learn how to take your iPhone photography to the next level? Well, no need to look any further than KelbyOne! Here are just a few of the courses available:

Capturing iPhone Photos Like a Pro with Jefferson Graham

Are you ready to take your iPhone photography skills to the next level? Join renowned photographer, Jefferson Graham, on location as he shares his favorite tips, tricks, and techniques to elevate your photos from ordinary to extraordinary. Learn how to capture stunning headshots, dynamic long exposures, breathtaking skies, beautiful macros, fun panos, and so much more. With Jefferson’s expert guidance, you’ll start on the right foot, discover useful accessories, and head out to shoot on location. Don’t miss this opportunity to charge up your iPhone and start capturing photos like a pro!

Using Your iPhone for Travel Photography and Editing Your iPhone Travel Photography with Scott Kelby

Do you want to take stunning travel photos without carrying bulky camera equipment? In this course, Scott Kelby will take you on a virtual trip to the Tuscany region of Italy and guide you through the process of using your iPhone as the main camera or a trusty second camera. You’ll learn the key settings to enable, how to master camera features, deal with low light, photograph a variety of subjects, and all the while, Scott will share tips and tricks to make your experience even better.

And in the second part of this series, you’ll find Scott sitting poolside with his iPhone and iPad as he takes you through all the steps for getting your photos into Lightroom, tips for editing raw photos, adjusting color and tonality, using Masking for selective edits, dealing with tricky lighting situations, getting edited photos into other apps, and so much more. You’ll be amazed at how much you can do with just your phone as a camera and post processing tool!

Everyday Sports Photography with Your iPhone with Robert Foldy

Capture life’s most active moments with your iPhone! Join sports photographer, Robert Foldy, at Safety Harbor Park to unlock hidden features and make the most of your iPhone for photographing sports and action. In this class Robert explains key settings, features, options, lenses, and shooting modes on your iPhone to help you create dynamic photographs of your friends, family, athletes, and regular people just having fun on the move.

You can find these and many more iPhone photography classes alongside all of the other classes that have helped so many people on their creative journey at KelbyOne!

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