I’m Missing The Grid. Again! Uggh!!!!

Well, because of seminars (and my vacation), I missed the last two weeks of our weekly photography talk show “The Grid,” and I just realized that I’m leaving a day early for my Calgary seminar (to shoot in Banff today and tomorrow), and now I’m going to miss this week’s show too. Uggh!

We moved the show’s live broadcast to Wednesday at 4:00 pm EDT so more people here in the US and around the world would be able to watch the show live (I know, I know, when you move the time and date, somebody somewhere blows a gasket, but we heard LOTS of feedback that we really needed to move it to be a better time). Of course, we always post the rebroadcast in its entirety the following day at KelbyTV.com and we post it to iTunes as well where you can subscribe for free and automatically get each episode.

iTunes Top Charts Ranking!
One cool thing—-A couple of weeks ago I was looking in iTunes at their Top Video Podcasts ranking and I was tickled to see that not only was Photoshop User TV still in their Top 100 of ALL video Podcasts (which is saying a lot, since there a ton of broadcast and cable Podcast shows that we’re competing within that category), but “The Grid” was in their top 100, too (as seen in the capture from iTunes above)!

Although I’ll miss tomorrow’s show, I will be back on The Grid next week, and that’s probably when we’ll drop totally out of the Top 100. Hope you can tune in LIVE tomorrow at 4:00 pm right here for Matt and friends covering a topic that I’m sure will make somebody, somewhere, really mad (just kidding. Kinda).

      1. Paul, it’s one of the great mysteries in life…one we will never be able to explain. I’ve been first a number of times, but I’ve conceded the throne to Ken.


  1. Ditto.
    I’ve tried watching it live via the Skyfire app on my iPhone but whilst this used to work great, since the new season has started Skyfire no longer detects any flash video from the website and I miss out watching it live :-(

  2. Hey Scott, no worries…you’ll be missed but Matt & RC have it well and truly covered in your absence :)

    Enjoy the workshop and we’ll catch you online when you’re back on home turf.

    All the best to you and yours,

  3. Well sure Scott, but you get to shoot in Banff! (Sure, you couldn’t have been there two weeks ago when I was…..)
    AND you’re going to be in Calgary! How cool! At least this time I won’t miss you – the ticket is in my hand.
    Have fun in Banff. Can’t wait to see your posts from there.

      1. Just get in the car and drive along Icefields Parkway. You’ll do fine. Moraine Lake is popular. Watch out for moose on the road, and don’t feed the bears.

      2. Oh wow, there’s so many Scott. Downtown Banff is always cool (usually excellent for photos a la Jay Maisel, as well as the shops, the mountains etc), as is Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. Personally, I like Castle Junction, Vermillion Lakes, any spot along the Bow Valley Parkway, and the Natural Bridge in Yoho National Park. There’s waaaay more I’m sure, but I’ve been to those ones and found them great. It can make for a long day – there’s a little bit of travel time – but our photo class managed it all in one.
        Whichever you’re able to get to, great sights all around! Should be fun!

      3. Hmm, I did answer you but I don’t think my reply sent. OK, in case it didn’t —-
        Vermillion Lakes, Castle Junction, Natural Bridge in Yoho Nat’l Park, Bow Lake. (Oh, I think I forgot one….)
        Downtown Banff, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake.
        All are doable in a day, though it’s a long day.
        My first response was better :-D but I may have hit the wrong key submitting it.
        Anyway, I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

  4. Oh sure you miss the Grid, but who cares, you’ll be in Calgary where I’ll get to see you live! :-) haha. Enjoy your time in Banff, there are some incredible places to shoot there (although Jasper is my favorite). See you on Thursday!

  5. Hey Scott, sorry I tried to reply to you twice now and it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ll try it this way instead.
    Downtown Banff is always cool and allows for some Jay Maisel-esque shooting as well, with all of the tourists. Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are great, although common fare.
    I like Vermillion Lakes, Castle Junction, Natural Bridge in Yoho Nat’l Park, Bow Lake, and almost anywhere along the Bow Valley Parkway.
    All are doable in a day – did it all with a photo excursion I went with – though it’s a long day.
    I’m sure there’s plenty of others as well, but those are the ones I’ve been to that I thought were pretty great. (Vermillion Lakes around, and after, sunset is awesome.)
    Sounds like plenty of fun, I’m sure it’ll be great no matter where you manage to get to!!

  6. Knowing the area… if you’re shooting Banff, then teaching in Calgary, THEN going to be teaching in Van (which had better be good, by the way… I have to sleep on the couch for signing up to it), you’re gonna be kinda tired.
    What do you take in your coffee? Starbucks is across the street from the convention center….

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