It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here writing from on the road in my converted van made especially for my travel photography. I’m currently in Scotland and on Friday I did something.

I was in a little bay called Skerray, at the end of a country road on the north coast of Scotland. It’s not often visited by people other than fishermen and dog walkers, and me!

I was exploring and noticed a desolate building absent of a roof, but when I went inside I found a couple of wooden boats and some paintings.

There was a bare picture frame on the wall. It looked sad. It looked like it needed a little something.

I got to work. I went back to the van and busted out my camera and tripod, then headed onto the beach. There were beautiful rocks with intricate shapes and nice colours, so I arranged them and took a shot of Skerray Bay. I hustled back to the van and processed the photo in Adobe Photoshop, making some very minor tweaks, before printing the shot on the Epson XP-900 that I designed into the van on A3.

I headed back to that little picture frame and left my souvenir behind.

With the festive season coming up I feel this is an appropriate time to remind all photographers to give the gift of photography, using their special talent to make friends and family smile.

Much love


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Dave is a travel, lifestyle and commercial photographer, a tutorial and blog writer, and a social media influencer, based in London, UK.

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