My bestselling Book/DVD combo: Photo Recipes Live: Behind the Scenes Lighting Techniques, is now available as both an iPad and iPhone App from the iTunes Store.


The cool thing is: the App is only $9.95, and includes all the same videos and content. One of the reviewers on iTunes wrote this about the App:

“His technique of showing the shot, and then breaking it down how he did it, is very productive. The narrative is fun, not dry. $10 for pro instruction on lighting is a deal, the price of some digital photography magazines.”

Anyway, if you’d like to check it out, you can find it right here. Thanks to my Publisher, Peachpit Press who developed the App and got it out there. They really did a great job with it, and I’m super psyched to have it available both as a App, and for such an affordable price.



About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Well Scott I’m in the market for an iPad so I guess when I get one, I’ll have to get your app.

  2. I love your training. Are you going to make the training sites viewable on the iPad? I would like to view the videos easily on my iPad. I know I can download D-Town but I still can’t seem to view on my ipad. Downloading D-Town is not as easy as I thought. Thanks for all the education.

  3. YEAH more iPad goodies, keep em coming !

  4. Well this app is a given buy!!
    And i too want kelbytraining as an app!!!

  5. Is android version a possibility? I am a long time Apple fan boy but I love my Sprint EVO.

    • Hi Michael:
      The App was developed by Peachpit, so I have no idea so far of what they have planned next, though I can tell you this was really designed with the iPad in mind, since the size of the screen works perfectly for titles like this.

      As soon as I hear anything about other platforms, I’ll be sure to announce it here. :-)


  6. Sounds cool. But I’ll second Michael’s question –

  7. This is a really nice app, and I’m not being nice about it. Scott Kelby just simplifies everything that a newbie like me could easily understand and at the same time really informative. I didn’t even gave a second thought getting this app, I have the Digital Photography trilogy and this is a nice adjunct to those books. Thanks Scott!

  8. … downloading as I type this :)

  9. This app would be excellent. I have the book/DVD and it rocks. If you ever want a portable tutor with you in your pocket, BUY this app now!

  10. Scott, this app really rocks. Love it!

    How close are you guys to getting a Kelby training app out?? I remember awhile back you mentioning it was close to being completed. Any chance we might see it soon??

  11. Is this a sign that the app for online video may finally be around the corner? hint, hint :) I’m sure you guys are already encoding in h.264. :)

  12. This app is worth 9.95 just to be able to reference in the field! Getting mine now.

  13. …just imaging if I could watch Kelby training on my iPad! …anytime, anywhere, …lol! Like everyone else I love that idea!

  14. What’s the video resolution in the app? Is it upsized when played on iPad? Thanks!

  15. Great apps, I’ll post some reviews after this weekend!

  16. I just bought and downloaded this app – it is great and everything an iPad photography app should be. I hope the Digital Photography books can be optimized for iPad. I have and love the paperback set but bought iPad Kindle app version and it didn’t really work well due to layout on the iPad (but the photos looked even better than in the hard copy).

    Like everyone else, I’m looking for the training site on iPad. Keep up the good work and go iPad customized content.

    • Hi Ralph:
      I totally, totally hear you about the layout issues, and agree 100%. It’s my single biggest complaint about porting my books over to mobile devices, but until the world moves beyond the VERY limiting ePub standard, you’d have to make a separate App for it, and charge accordingly. Ugh!!


  17. Just played first chapter and it looks great!!

  18. Cool to have an app! But i have the videos on my ipod, so it’s an easy transfer to my new ipad(which is still on the fedex truck) :-)

  19. Bought this app last night and I’m loving it!

    Will any of the Kelby Training courseware be available on the iPad any time soon?

  20. That’s a great deal, not to mention advice, for the price.

  21. BTW, if you got the DVD of photo recipes live (came with my recent subscription to kelby training) it has iPhone/iPad ready mp4 files on the disc already. I thought it was nice of them to do since I was going to handbrake it if they didn’t. :)

  22. One of the best app ideas I have seen yet, but I still am not going to drink the iPad kool-aid yet.
    Now if an app came out that read other apps on Linux laptops, then I would have to buy this app too ;-)

  23. I just bought the app on my iphone, but after downloading it keeps on loading and loading.
    Now I am waiting more then 2 hrs and still nothing is working at all.

    I use a 3gs…. Am I doing something wrong here?

    (I bought it from within my iphone)


    • Hi Stefan, I would hazard a guess and say that because it’s over 1 GB in size, it’s taking a very long time to download. Better to buy using your computer and then sync to iPhone…

    • Stefan, make sure you are not trying to download iPad app on iPhone (I hit iPhone app on my iPad by accident and wouldn’t work)

    • Stefan,
      I’m having the same problem in downloading to my iPad. I have a great wireless connection and after 3 hours the loading bar seems to be stuck at the midway point.

      Possibly the mistake I made was I hit the “right here” link in Scott’s blog and it takes you to the App store and kind of a generic page. If you go to the App store and do a search for the App you have the option to choose iPad or iPhone.

      Anyway, between iPhone and iPad I’ve downloaded well over 100 apps and this is the first time I’ve ever had a problem.

      • Well, after going to my computer, opening itunes and in the store I found it already under “ready for download”, which I did and synced it to my iPad. Only took a few moments.

        Works great now!

  24. Great stuff, Scott! Outstanding app! Can’t wait for the training one, either. Have used the Lynda one, so I know it’s workable…

  25. Hey Scott – I eagerly purchased your app today and am having lots of problems. I can’t get any audio and it seems to freeze a lot on me. Checked my other apps with video and they are fine. I reported a problem on the app store and hope to hear something soon. Are you tested on OS4?

    • I’m having the sound problem too with my iphone 4. The videos play silently and there doesn’t seem to be a volume control any where. Do you need earbuds maybe? I was expecting to hear it through the speaker.

  26. I had purchased the book too and, although I thought it was a bit pricey, I loved it. Then I got the app yesterday, and couldn’t put it down ! I have many Kelby books, especially the ones that will help the orphanage in Kenya, but I really hope to see them all as iPad apps !!

  27. Off topic, but I just got and read your new LR 3 book – and 3 things really stood out to me, having bought the previous 2 books on same topic: 1) the extra helps in the back – particularly the framing example and “collaging” layouts will be very helpful to people. 2) the generous section on full work process – shooting to prints. 3) Among the best in this book though is on pages IV and V – because software always becomes obsolete, but gratitude stirs the soul. :)

  28. Forever keeping up with the latest technology; nice one Scott for releasing this App. The book and DVD combo is superb so the ability to carry it around and watch the lessons is a big plus.

    I noticed in an earlier comment there was mention of the Kelby Online training series soon coming to portable iphone / ipad … now that will be superb!!! Really looking forward to that because there are certainly ‘down times’ when I’m travelling on the train to London or wherever that I could catch up with the latest classes rather than wait till I get home and be pushed for time.


  29. It is a great app, I read many of your books and this nicely shows on video how it is done. What I’d like added is pictures you took, the ability to switch back and forth between them would show the differences more than just seeing them on video several minutes apart, without the previous picture as a reference.

  30. Hi Scott,

    What a coincidence, I just reviewed your DVD version at

    Maybe you could make an annoucement on your blog this week te let people know so they can check it out!

    Keep up the good work!


  31. Please hurry on the iPad version of Kelby Training Online!!! =)


  32. Scott
    rarely comment, but after seeing this figured I was due–outstanding idea and to think K Training is being added is great. Appreciate all you have done to help this “self taught” photographer–keep the books and training coming. Also, finally had the chance to hear you in person recently in Atlanta–great job

  33. Hey Scott,

    Out of curiosity, how long has this project been in the works? It looks great!

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