I had planned a Creative Cloud Post For Today…

I had just gotten back from the CS6 launch in San Francisco, and just hours later I was on already on a plane headed to London, and my internal clock is so messed up, I’m not sure which day it is.

I had hopde to post a Q&A on the Creative Cloud launch today, but I got so far behind on everything that it just got away from me. Please drop back here on Monday, as my plan is to post it then. Sorry for the delay.

Nothing like high tea with two proper English gentleman. Sadly, all I could find were these two blokes. ;-)

What a great way to start my London trip; Met up yesterday with two of my good buddies, Dave Clayton and Glyn Dewis, see above. (by the way — Glyn is joining me on-stage Saturday in the afternoon to do a guest retouch. He’s got some seriously mad skills).

We made our traditional trip to Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Convent Gardens, then a quick visit to The Flash Center, a nice cappuccino at ‘Pret A Manger’ and then back to my hotel for a serious nap. Two great guys (top dollar, both of ’em) and a wonderful start to my London trip! However, there is more to this story..

I broke the cardinal rule of street photography yesterday

It’s true. Dave Clayton told me (as everyone from London had already warned me before I even left home), that it was going to rain every day I was here in London. Dave said on TV they said to expect “One month’s of rain in just this one week.” So, I didn’t bring my camera to lunch today (usually we grab a bite and then do a mini-photowalk with Glyn).

Well, here’s an iPhone photo of the view from my hotel room today. I deserve it — I broke the age old rule — if you think the weather will be bad, so you don’t’ bring your camera, the weather will immediately clear —  The sun will shine. The birds will sing. Shooting opportunities will abound! I had it coming.

(Above: Here’s an iPhone shot of the three of us at Pret A Manger. Hey, what’s that stuff outside? Oh,yeah. Sunshine! LOL!)

  1. Looks like London will be a blast!

    No offense intended Scott, but for a guy who captures such beautiful color with the camera you sure do wear alot of black… Would a little color in your wardrobe really kill you??? :) 

    Love your work, you had me hooked with your digital photography books 3 years ago and I have been following you almost daily ever since. Keep up the awesome work!!

  2. Always good to seek out the cool and shadowy environment of a cafe or pub, if that damn big ball of light is shining so annoyingly bright ;-). Now that you WILL take your camera with you, it’s probably going to rain.
    Oh, and Trevor, the color of his clothes is a topic, Mr. Kelby is always keen to discuss – especially in connectiong with showing some sort of black camera gear (*grin, duck & run*)

  3. A pity about the weather. I had all sun and blue skies in London for 3 days just 3 weeks ago. it’ll come good for you! Good luck with the teaching.

  4. Gotta love British unpredictable weather. I moved from the UK to central FL 8 years ago mainly for the weather and within 2 weeks of arriving hurricanes Charley, then Frances then Jan happened. Then last time I was back in the UK in Oct 2009 I had to buy a pair of flip flops it was so warm! Global warming at its best! Enjoy Blighty a nd be sure to have some fish and chips!

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  6. You are right Scott.  I know Dave is a great person from meeting him at PSW 2 years ago. I have yet to meet Glyn.  I hope both of them can make Vegas in the fall to be a part of the festivities about CS6.
    See ya Soon,

    1.  Ah, thanks Mike, the feeling is mutual mate. You’d get on well with Glyn too, top lad !
      Not sure about Vegas, I would love to attend but there are many obstacles to overcome before that happens. Never say never….hang on, I just did, that saying never made any sense ;o)

  7. Scott, even when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got something!  Good story.  Hope the weather is great for the rest of your stay there AND you have the D4 in hand.

    Did you say you had to take go and take a serious nap?  I thought you’ve always said that sleep was overrated?!  :-)

    Have a blast teaching the final LISIRI class and safe travels back to the States.


  8. I took a double-take when I saw your “MARSHALL” hat you are wearing in the picture. I’m from Marshall University here in Huntington, WV, but I suspect YOUR “Marshall” has something to do with band or photographic equipment. Anyway, it was a momentary cool feeling. Have a blast in England.

  9. Hi Scott
    Enjoy the weather and British hospitality. The beer is warm but still tastes great. By the way, even though I am not a musician I know that Marshall makes amps ;)

    P.S. loved PSW in Washington

  10. I think you should still take your camera even if the weather is going to be bad. Cameras were made for that 18% gray sky in London. Seriously, It’s always nice to see and hear stories of great friends getting together and having a good time.

    BTW: Your Thames iPhone pic is good, Kalebra’s was better.

  11. Know all about the unpredictability of the English weather, after having spent 10 yrs in the old London and now dealing with a pretty much different one in the New England. No matter what the weather is like, London has a lot to offer and you seam to be in good company! Have a jolly good time…wish I could make it to Islington.

  12. Hi Guys,

    Well I’m officially upset!  I have been looking forward to the LSR stop in London since the day Scott announced it and I’ve bought my show ticket and the train & tube tickets.  So, whilst helping out my Mum (or Mom for our US friends) I lifted a small cabinet off the wall of her house and put my back out big time and have been laid up in bed ever since in some serious pain!
    Suffice to say that I am not happy that I will now miss the last ever LSR, well in London anyway!

    Good luck Scott, I’m sure the show will be great.

    Cheers, Stephen Halliday

    BTW, I contacted the team a while back to ask if you would do a spot on Product Photography in the show and they kindly contacted me back to say that you would do something around lunchtime.  If I was the only person interested in that then feel free to cut it from the agenda – as I won’t be there :-(

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