It’s Free Stuff Thursday!

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! in London
We’re just two days away from the last ever Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! seminar in the world. We are currently en route to swingin’ London to meet up with some jolly chaps named Glyn and Dave who’ve helped us get everything sorted for the seminar. Then on Saturday, we’ll be in Islington, London at the Business Design Centre (silly Brits and their “re” endings)! We hope to see you there for what’s sure to go down in history as the best Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! seminar we’ve ever done in London!

6 Days of Photoshop CS6
NAPP is offering 6 Days of Adobe Photoshop CS6 this week. It’s a series of live webcasts showcasing the cool new features of CS6. The webcasts are open to the public through Saturday, but after that you can only access them if you’re a NAPP member. Today’s starts at noon ET and it’s all about Design and JDI Features. If you missed the first 2 days, you can still catch those webcasts on Saturday when we show the week in review. Check out the complete schedule here.

Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers
For anyone who missed it last week, Scott is giving away a free chapter from his Adobe Lightroom 4 for Digital Photographers Book. You can grab it here. As for the book itself, well it’s not even out yet but you can pre-order a copy here.

David Ziser Wedding Portraits DVD
Leave a comment to win one of 3 copies of David Ziser’s Wedding Portraits DVD. In this two-disc set, you’ll learn the classical posing and lighting techniques along with how to get the perfect shot in tricky situations from one of the best wedding photographers out there.
Check out Tim Wallace’s latest class on Kelby Training – Post Processing for Automotive Photography! Take what you learned in his classes on automotive photography to the next level with this class on post processing. Fine tune your results to bring out the most in your vehicles.

The Digital Photography Workshops
Join Ben Willmore and The Digital Photo Workshops crew for a southwest adventure in Page, Arizona from May 10-13 that few experience.

Page, Arizona is a little-known spot with big photo opportunities. This small town, located on the Colorado River and overlooking the Glen Canyon Dam, will be base camp for our photo adventure, which will include Slot Canyons, Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend and Lake Vistas, just to name a few.

Leave a comment for your chance to win a free ticket to this workshop!

Joe McNally in Australia
Joe McNally is heading down under for the Nikon “Through The Lens” Tour! Head over to his blog for info on the tour.

Last Week’s Winners
Here are the winners of last week’s giveaways…

Scott’s London Seminar
– PJ
–  Marchino M

Matt’s Lightroom 4 Chicago Seminar
– Bruce G

Fay Sirkis’ Wild About Animals DVD
– Suzanne Offner

That’s it for today. Have a great Thursday!

  1. Wow – a Southwest photo adventure sounds like a blast!  Safe travels to London, Scott.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing your posts.


  2. I had a great time last year that the Light It seminar in Chicago.  Hey Scott, I was the guy who was still using CS2.  You would be happy to know I finally have CS5.  I think I will sit on that for a while…

  3. I would love to win a free copy of David Ziser’s Wedding Portraits DVD! I am just getting started and learning, learning, learning, but this is the direction I want to go. To be able to learn to do weddings from one of the best in the biz would be beyond amazing!

  4. Hey Brad,
    I was going to check on the LR4 chapter last week, but when I clicked the link it showed me an empty page. Is that only the case for me?

  5. Arizona? OK its not like shooting a concert but still it is definitely something I would want to do.  Wow!!!  (Crossing fingers and toes and hoping I get the nod……..THANKS Scott and Brad!!)

  6. Would LOVE the David Z DVD as expanding my business to include weddings over the next 6 mths and this would be a fab boost to my efforts.

  7. Scott really disappointed to not see you in London for the last ever LSR Seminar, being based in Scotland and all. But I did catch it in Amsterdam last year. Learned so much looking forward to the next version. Please don’t cut back on the photoshop training by the way as your still the best trainer at Kelby Training!

  8. Would Love to win a copy of David Ziser’s Wedding Portraits DVD. Hope to see you at Photoshopworld in Los Vegas. It will be my first one.

  9. Lightning can strike the same place twice:)  I Would love to win the Lightroom 4 Book or the DVDs. Also, cannot wait to see you guys on Saturday in London! Fingers crossed.

  10. I have learned so much already from David Ziser and would love to add his Wedding Portraits DVD to my educational resources. Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. Even if you don’t win the ticket to the Digital Photo Workshops – check them out – they are awesome! I won the ticket to the Death Valley workshop and I had a blast! Feel free to pick me again! :)

  12. I found a typo on page 113 (the opening page) of the free chapter; does that quality me to win something? The text says “Sex in the City: The Movie”, when it’s actually “Sex and the City: The Movie”.

  13. Good luck in the UK Scott. I’m sure your have some major effect over there… To think that Kelby is officially ‘GONE GLOBAL” !!!  And you thought your little magazine wouldn’t fly LOL! Thanks for all you do.

  14. Have really enjoyed Tim Wallace’s class on automotive photography on Kelby Training!  Would love to win a year of Kelby Training!  Thanks!

  15. Would love to win tickets to Ben’s Workshop! I just had a co-worker come back from Page and said it was amazing! As an avid AZ hiker, this would be perfect! 

  16. Scott/Brad,
    Not sure if Im going through the right channels here or not, but a few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to have been chosen as one of the Free Stuff Thursday winners (March 29 – Drew Gardner’s Location Lighting DVD). I dont often win anything so was quite excited to see that I had. As of today I am still yet to receive the DVD. Just wondering if I had missed something somewhere?
    Sorry if this sounds like I’m whining.

  17. Would really love a copy of the David Ziser Wedding Portraits DVD. I’ve been following your blog (and his incidentally) since I first read Digital Photography Volume 1. Since then I’ve read Vols 2, 3 and very recently 4; shortly after it came out. I’ve also been able to make great use of the tips and techniques I learned from your Lightroom 3 for Digital Photographers book and Photoshop CS5. Keep up the great work.

  18. I got attend the Digital Photo Workshop event in Death Valley this spring. Rick Sammon and Rob Sylvan were guest instructors. Workshop was fantastic, Randy and Jeff are great teachers.

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