I Just Got a Huge Metal Print, and I Am Blown Away! Again.

It’s not a print on metallic paper — it’s actually printed on metal, and when you see it in person it’s like that day when you saw your first 4K TV at BestBuy and your jaw dropped. I got my first metal print back in 2009, from the same folks I got this one from — ImageWizards — and I have to say, I am once again absolutely blown away by how it looks. It’s like a 4K TV print.

Here’s a picture of the print (above); hanging in my living room. It was taken the day before my travel photography workshop in Guilin, China, last year. It was shot on a Canon EOS R (30.2 megapixels), and that print you see above is 60″x40″ (whoo hoo!), and it looks just stunning in person. Now all I want to do is order more prints on metal (and I’m going to do just that this weekend, but probably 24×36″ size or smaller for the rest).

One thing that really surprised my wife and me was — despite its ginormous size, it’s not really heavy. It’s surprisingly light (especially considering that it’s metal), and it comes mounted to a frame for hanging.

I found this video on their YouTube page (it’s embedded below) about how they prep your images for printing on metal. It’s less than 90-seconds long, and when you see the lengths they go when prepping your print for color accuracy and consistency, it’s pretty amazing. They call it a promo video, but again, it’s really about their process, so it’s worth a quick look:

They are offering a discount to my readers this weekend

I told them I was going to do this post about my print, and so they are offering my readers a 15% off deal right now, so go to ImageWizards.com and use the code Kelby 15 at checkout to get the deal. Thanks to the folks at ImageWizards for the deal, and for rockin’ that 60×40 print — it looks incredible (and makes me wish we could still travel).

We talked about all this on The Grid on Wednesday

I’ve embedded the episode, but I set it so it starts right when Erik and I start talking about the print, so you can pick it up right there — just hit play.

If you’re as passionate about printing as I am, I hope you’ll check them out. I just cannot recommend them enough (and no, they’re not a sponsor), but I’ve been getting prints from them since back in 2009, and it’s been a love affair with their work ever since. Great people, and a great product. If you get one of their metal prints, send me a pic on Facebook or Twitter — I’d love to see it! :)

Next Tuesday The Photoshop Conference Kicks Off

We’re going to have over 1,000+ photographers learning from an all-star crew of the best Photoshop instructors anywhere and you do not want to miss out. Don’t wait and hear how awesome it was after the fact — instead, why not be a part of it? It’s next Tuesday and Wednesday (July 14-15, 2020); it’s all live-streamed online so you can watch it wherever you are; plus all the classes are archived for you until the end of the year, and tickets are available right now at kelbyonelive.com — You’ve been wanting to really learn Photoshop — now’s your chance! :)

Hope you all have a great weekend. Look out for each other. Stay safe, love your neighbor, and we’ll catch you back here next week.


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