If you missed last nights “Make the Move from Aperture to Lightroom” Webcast…

â¦we’re streaming the Webcast continuously at this link: bit.ly/1rMUkWR 

Above: That’s Matt and me, right before airtime. 

Above: Our crew in the control room getting ready 15-minutes before air.

Thanks to everybody who tuned in last night â” we had lots of great questions and discussions, plus RC did an amazing job handling the biggest number of giveaways we’ve never done (including two Wacom tablets, four $100 B&H Gift Cards, loads of books from Peachpit Press, A Canon Pixma Pro 1 printer, and a Canon point-and-shoot, and more). Really a great night and we got loads of great feedback from people who are now ready to make the jump to Lightroom.

Here’s the link to the free streaming rebroadcast: bit.ly/1rMUkWR 

Hope you all have an awesome Tuesday (and don’t forget, “The Grid” tomorrow at 4:00 pm LIVE).



  1. Just a heads up – If you’re trying to watch it and it isn’t working for you, that’s because we’re in the process of moving the video to a different more permanent location at the moment. Once it’s there, it’ll be available for viewing again. Keep checking back and you should be able to watch again soon!

  2. A really good webcast last night. I’m not an Aperture user, but I was interested in seeing the differences. Glad I started with Lightroom! My biggest disappointment last night was that Matt forgot his watch. No wonder you guys ran so long! :-)

    Wicked cool control room, btw. Can you get football games in there?


  3. I think it is a nice way to introduce Aperture users to Lightroom. However, a lot of people who use Aperture use it because of how it integrates with all the other Apple software and hardware (i.e. access to media files from Pages, Apple TV, etc.) I believe it is premature to say that Aperture is dead and nothing will replace it. Photos app that is coming will likely be the replacement, particularly given all the PhotoKit seminars that were presented at the WWDC this year. I, personally, will wait for Photos to materialize before making the decision to jump. Just food for thought.

    1. The new Apple Software apparently will not be ready until 2015 (and no clear statement as to what quarter), so I am not so sure Apple has planned this well.

      Looks like it will be pretty powerful, but we as of yet do not know what Lightroom will look like by then. Certainly Adobe will build on the features they now have.

      OnOne may be the company to watch and hope they are not bought out by a larger company.

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