I'm Back from 12-days in Europe

Hi gang â” if you were wondering why I pretty much ducked out of sight on social media in the past week or so, it's because the wifey and I, our friends Jim and Jean, and Kalebra's mom and dad all snuck off for a vacation that we've planning for over a year to celebrate Kalebra's mom's 73rd birthday.

Her mom had always dreamed of cruising down the Danube river in a "flatboat" so that's exactly what we did. We started out in Prague for 2-1/2 days, then made our way to Nuremberg, Germany to catch the boat that took us to some very charming towns along the Danube (like Passau and Rugnesberg), with overnight stops in Vienna Austria and ending up in Budapest for a day in the city and then the next day our flight home.

Anyway, I have lots to share, and lots of photos of course, but I've been flying for 17 hours so I'm going to do the full post tomorrow, so I hope you'll check back here then. Again, sorry for dropping out of sight on social like that, but I'm back in the saddle and ready to rock. Well, at least I hope to be tomorrow. ;-)

Cheers and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for the full trip report.



  1. Hope you hade nice trip and that your Budapest visit turned out great. I lived in BP for 2 years, therefore that city has a special place in my heart. Looking forward to the photos, hope not to see any “instagram filtering” on the, ok? Ha ha ha :)

    1. Hi Carl. The Czech people are Awesome!!!! Really very warm and welcoming. Plus, what a beautiful country. You were lucky to have lived there for those two years. I’m sure you have lots of wonderful memories. :)

      1. I’m very happy you had a great time Scott, will you do a photo book talk like your Cuba one? Carl Melbourne,. PS you must come to Australia, your buddy who I met Joe Mc, liked it :)

  2. Wow, that must have been some trip, and I’m sure your mother-in-law was thrilled. Can’t wait to see the photos from the trip. Now get some much needed sleep!!


  3. Hey Scott,
    Sounds like an awesome trip. How did you like Regensburg? Can’t wait to see your pictures of my city. Too bad we didn’t ran into each other in the city ;)

  4. I hope that time spent with family was all everyone could have expected and more Scott. Although if the wife’s Mom is on the web… You could get busted for outing that age factor hehehe.

    Hopefully see you on “The Grid” Wed.


  5. Scott, I’m in Prague soon and would love to employ the services of Ivan. I’ve had a quick search on Google and can’t find his contact details, could you help.

  6. Scott,

    I love your shots. I had the great fortune of spending a day and a night with Ivan Navratil 3 weeks ago (also on my way to a river cruise in the opposite direction) and agree that he is very fun to be with. My shots unfortunately are not nearly as good as yours through no fault of Ivan. He was wonderful about pointing out the most interesting spots to take photos in Prague. He was also a good teacher. We did talk about you a lot that day, but I did not know until now that he would be showing you around Prague also.

    I was able to find Ivan by doing a Google search on “Photo tours in Prague”. I have also been able to find other local photographers in other places that have been very helpful in pursuing my hobby. I have found that having a local photographer that knows the area show you around is invaluable. Unfortunately, there are many places where it is very difficult to find a knowledgeable photo guide. Ivan and I discussed this some when I was with him. I think that it would be wonderful if KelbyOne would serve as a clearinghouse to connect photographers with local photo guides. There are companies that connect travelers with local tour guides and charge a commission. I would gladly pay a premium for such a service when I am travelling and I think that many others would also.I was able to connect with an excellent photo guide in Sydney using http://www.toursbylocals.com but the number of available photo guides is limited. Another option would be to work out an agreement with one of the established internet tour companies to refer customers and guides to them. KelbyOne has access to the local photographers and the potential customers that could make this a wonderful service to the travelling photographers and a potential source of income to local professional photographers as well as KelbyOne.

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