Paradise Workshop in St. Lucia This September & A Slideshow Tutorial

Hey everybody – RC here.  First off, I wanted to thank Scott for the opportunity to jump in here real quick and tell you about something that I am really pumped about.  This September 14-19 2014, I will be joining the legendary Joe McNally once again at the Anse Chastanet / Jade Mountain resort for a Workshop in Paradise.  This is my third time teaching the workshop with Joe and I feel like every year there are new things to find and explore- not just in the beauty of St. Lucia, but in the techniques we use as photographers.

This is a 5 day workshop intensive that covers a ton of things for the emerging photographer.  From advanced speedlighting techniques in the jungle, to one light cover model assignments.  In depth critiques to the best workflow and post processing techniques.  We even go into the worlds of post production, video, and HDR .


The classes are small.  These classes work you hard.  You also relax and play hard in one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever seen.

One of the things i’ve been really in love with is how tight the group gets towards the end of the workshop.  By working really hard in small groups – you’re guaranteed to come out with a killer set of techniques.. some great memories.. and some good friendships. These are some stills from the actual workshop.

I could go on and on about this..  but I sure wish you guys join us.  Click on this link to be taken to the page where you can get more of whats in store on a day to day basis.  It will also take you to the Eventbrite page for registration to the Workshop.


A Slideshow Tutorial for Photoshop

This brings me to our tutorial.  One of the things that we talk about in the workshop is the ability to use Photoshop for making quick videos.  Its no Premiere – but it can really make something cool with some creative thinking.  One of the other things that it can be used for is the creation of slideshows.  While I dont mind the slideshows that Lightroom does, I dont think it offers a great amount of customizing in terms of the timing of the slideshow.  I’d rather do this by hand, and Photoshop makes it pretty easy to do so.  I figured i’d share how to do that right here.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a great weekend!

      1. Regrets…..I’ve had a few. Maybe I have a long lost aunt that will name me in her will! ;-)

  1. I went to this workshop last year in August. First, everything RC says is true. It’s a wonderful resort, the group size is small, and you have practically unfettered access to the knowledge that Joe and RC share.

    I made friends there and a couple of us even followed Joe to Cuba earlier this year.

    You will spend some time in the classroom learning, but you’re also going to be out shooting in a variety of environments. You get practical, hands-on experience to learn what works and what doesn’t.

    Best of all, there are no secrets that are held back. If you want to know something, Joe and RC will share it with you. There’s a critique in each class to review your images. Nothing harsh, but very honest and helpful.

    Don’t assume that you have to go there and come out with the super-killer shot, either. A workshop is a wonderful place to make mistakes and learn how to correct them. At the end of the week, you can see that everyone is improving using the knowledge from the workshop.

    Oh, and there’s one last piece of info I want to share. Practically everyone in the group flew in on Delta and they were all scrambling to get an upgraded seat for the flight home and there weren’t enough to go around. I was the only one on American. No competition for the upgrade.

    This workshop was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. Just go do it.

  2. I was there with William last August (and I’m barely visible in one of RC’s photos). I’ve been to several workshops of varying sizes and lengths. The opportunity to spend several days with Joe and RC was by far the most incredible experience I’ve had as a photographer. Joe is known for his lighting tutorials, but in this setting, there’s the opportunity to really get a sense of how he approaches a shoot, and how he creates a photograph. You get that by watching him a few times during the week, but more from the critiques and from just talking to him, asking questions.
    RC adds a roundness to the week. HDR, post-processing, and a creative enthusiasm about photography that is just unique.
    The resort is beautiful, and even if you can’t afford Jade Mountain on the top of the hill, you still get to spend time there shooting. The lower, Anse Chastinet area is great, too, with rooms that fit well into the surrounding jungle. William can discuss the morning bird wake-up call. The people are genuinely friendly and helpful. So, all around – as a workshop and as a vacation – it’s a winner.
    I read something a little over a year ago that said, “spend your money on experiences not things.”

  3. Thanks for the tutorial RC. I haven’t spent any time on the video capabilities of Photoshop CC because I have Premier and After Effects. CC looks like a simple way to construct a slideshow. That will come in handy.

    The St. Lucia workshop sounds like a great opportunity. I have all of my vacation booked for 2014 (all photography related) so maybe next year.

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