You’ve Gotta Catch Jeremy Cowart’s New Online Class on Shooting Portraits on Location

Here’s how we describe Jeremy’s new class:

In this class we get a behind-the-scenes view as Jeremy creates unique and dynamic setups in the most unlikely locations, with Scott at his side asking him all the questions that you'd want answered.

Jet away to South Beach, Miami, Florida to meet up with Scott Kelby for the next segment of our On Location Photography with Jeremy Cowart series. Jeremy has an amazing ability to clear away clutter, eliminate distractions, and make his subject the primary focus in just about any setting you can throw his way. You'll be amazed at what can be accomplished with minimal gear and a creative mindset that will surely change the way you view new locations.

For those of you who have seen Jeremy’s two classes we shot a couple of years ago out in Venice Beach, California, you know what I’m talking about — Jeremy is just amazing at find portrait locations just about anywhere, and then he uses simple light (just one light), and directs his subject to come up with amazing on-location portraits.

As good as he previous classes were (and they were a HUGE hit), honestly I think this class is even better! If you’re a KelbyOne Online Subscriber, I’d definitely try and watch his class this weekend. If you’re not already a subscriber, you can Rent it, Buy it, or Subscribe (and watch as many classes as you’d like). Here’s the link. 

I’ve got some fun stuff to share on Monday or Tuesday, so I hope to see you back here then. Hope you all have an awesome weekend.



  1. Looking forward to a great new course from Jeremy!
    I always enjoy his content and style, plus, I can always use more info on shooting on location. It’s where I started (when I was just fresh to photography – I’m talking no reflector, no lighting, and very little posing). Now I’ve built more of a comfort level in studio with my TD5’s but I need a refresher to get myself outside working with that giant light source in the sky!

  2. I watched this one and thought it was a solid lesson on perspective. I’ll bet he could have taken that same approach at a Motel 6 and landed some great pics. Maybe it’s KelbyOne TV Magic editing, but he doesn’t seem to fiddle either. Never looked like the camera settings or gear got in the way. Good stuff.

  3. Excellent class, Scott. I liked how you were there asking the questions that we might ask of Jeremy.
    Hope you had a great vacation! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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