Photoshop World Las Vegas
You may be thinking that you still have plenty of time to register for Photoshop World since it isn’t until September. That’s true, but if you’re planning on signing up for one of the in-depth workshops that happen the day before the conference starts, you could be running out of time! Two of these workshops are already sold out, and I know of at least one other that only has a few openings left. If this is something you’re hoping to make part of your Photoshop World experience, sign up now before it’s too late! Or, you know, if you just want to save money by registering early, you can do that too ;-)

Once you’ve registered, make sure you book a room at the official Photoshop World hotel, Mandalay Bay, so you can stay where the instructors stay!

Leave a comment for your chance to win a free spot in one of these workshops (must be registered/registering for Photoshop World Las Vegas):
Art In The 21st Century with Fay Sirkis
Lightroom Crash Course with Matt Kloskowski
Photoshop for Beginners with Pete Collins
The HDR Workshop with RC Concepcion

On Location Photography: South Beach Edition with Jeremy Cowart
In this class we get a behind-the-scenes view as Jeremy creates unique and dynamic setups in the most unlikely locations, with Scott at his side asking him all the questions that you'd want answered. Jet away to South Beach, Miami, Florida to meet up with Scott Kelby for the next segment of our On Location Photography with Jeremy Cowart series. Jeremy Cowart has an amazing ability to clear away clutter, eliminate distractions, and make his subject the primary focus in just about any setting you can throw his way. You'll be amazed at what can be accomplished with minimal gear and a creative mindset that will surely change the way you view new locations.

Leave a comment for your chance to watch this class for free!

KelbyOne Live
Want to spend a day with Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, or Corey Barker? Check out these seminar tours!

Shoot Like A Pro with Scott Kelby
June 17 - Nashville, TN
Aug 26 - St. Louis, MO
Aug 28 - Kansas City, MO

One Flash, Two Flash with Joe McNally
June 19 - San Jose, CA
June 27 - Seattle, WA
July 24 - Milwaukee, WI
July 28 - Boston, MA

Photoshop Down & Dirty Master FX with Corey Barker
June 25 - New Orleans, LA
Aug 1 - Miami, FL
Aug 13 - Austin, TX

You can check out the full schedule for seminars through August, and we'll be updating it with more dates soon! Leave a comment for your chance to win a ticket to one of these events!

Last Week’s Winners
Frank Doorhof Book
– Pedro Oliveira

Lindsay Adler KelbyOne Class
– Konfral

KelbyOne Live Ticket
– Reba Baskett

If you’re one of the lucky winners, we’ll be in touch soon. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Looking forward to my second PSW in Las Vegas :)

  2. Yeah!! Thank you guys!! I can’t wait to get my hands on Frank’s book! Cheers

  3. Oh, please pick me for Jeremy’s free class!

  4. Oh, to see Joe McNally in Beantown!

  5. Local Miamian here (if that’s a word) I’d love to the Jeremy’s free class; Thanks for all the good work

  6. -The HDR Workshop with RC Concepcion would be great! Can’t wait for Vegas!

  7. PSW Vegas 2014…..I’ll be there. A day with RC or Faye would be great!

  8. Would love to score tickets to Joe McNally in San José.

  9. Love all the technology. Living in Australia, at least I can have access to your work. Really appreciate the support you’re giving back. Thank you.

  10. I would love to continue my ambassadorship for NAPP with a comped PSW in Vegas! Thanks for thinking of me. If not, stalking Corey in Miami is a treat too!

  11. Already got my ticket to Shoot Like A Pro in St Louis-Looking forward to seeing Scott.

  12. Would love a ticket to see Joe in seattle

  13. Awaiting impatiently for my first PSW, registered , flight and room all booked, Is Sept 1st yet?

  14. In-Depth Workshops in Vegas!!!! Ya Baby!!!

  15. Please! I would like to watch Jeremy’s class.

  16. I would like to go to Joe’s class in Milwaukee.

  17. I’ve been to PSW once and can’t wait to go again.

  18. I’m not happy about not being able to attend PSW this year especially with a pirate theme, ARRR! Whoever wins the precon this week Congrats. I always book a precon and have learned a ton from the excellent instructors.

  19. Would be great to win one for my first conference!

  20. seeing Corey in austin would be nice. my hometown!

  21. Thanks! Can’t wait for Nashville next week!

  22. Would LOVE to attend Photoshop for beginners & this is my first time @ Photoshop World conference……SO EXCITED

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