I’m Back From a Great Day in Toronto

W0w—-what a day!!!! We had a crowd of over 520 photographers at my seminar on Wednesday in Toronto, and at that we still had to turn away more than 100 photographers because we were sold out in advance. As I write this, it’s my birthday, so I’m going to keep this kinda short, so I can get back to birthdaying. ;-)

I Love Canada!
I have to say, I knew Canadians were friendly people, but this was just over-the-top! Everybody I met could not have been more gracious, helpful, and just downright nice. It started at the airport when I got to the Air Canada ticket counter and realized I had forgotten my passport. As my wife raced from the office, back to our house, and then to the airport in record time, everyone at Air Canada could not have been more friendly or helpful. I nearly missed the flight out, but they did everything to make sure that I did make it, and I’m very grateful.

One of The Best. Ever!
This was, hands down, one of the most enjoyable seminars for me as an instructor because the crowd was just so much fun, and so into it all day. I met so many great people on the breaks and at lunch, and I’m very grateful for the wonderful hospitality of the Canadian people. I can’t wait to take this tour to Calgary and Vancouver, Canada in just a couple of weeks. Canada rocks!

Also, the photos you see here are courtesy of none other than Mr. Terry White, who came for the day accompanying Amanda (shown above), a new up-and-coming fashion model along with her teriffic Makeup Artist Renata. Amanda was our model for the afternoon sessions, and she did a really outstanding job.

All-in-all, it was really a wonderful trip, and although I literally just barely made my flight home and had to sprint all the way to the plane, we actually made it and I got to spend my birthday today at home with my wife and family which was just so wonderful.

Thanks to everyone who made this trip such a great experience, from the folks at Air Canada to everyone who came to the seminar. See you again soon!

  1. I guess I get to post first to wish you a Happy Birthday, Scott! Now you’re as old as me (at least for 10 months). Hope you had a blast and we’ll see you back here next week.


  2. OK, you were in Toronto. You are going to Calgary and Vancouver soon. But why you don’t come to Ottawa for your seminar. I just don’t get it. Maybe you don’t like Ottawa…

    Anyway, Happy Birthday and have a great day!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Scott,

    Wish I could have been there but I just got back from a vacation in France and the timing just didn’t work. You’ll have to come back on vacation to Canada. At least you were here at he same time as the royal couple ;)

    Have a great day and try to get to the Stampede in Calgary. The city is jumping that week.

  4. I was at this seminar and want to thank you Scott for a really great day – you are a master educator! I learned more about lighting in this one day than I have in entire college courses! Plus the photoshop stuff on getting your extraction to meld well with a new background was so clear, so good, I went home and used it immediately.

    Much appreciated the budget lighting equipment recommendations also…

    Please write your next book on ‘How to teach photography’ – then I could steal all your ideas! Thanks!


  5. Hi Scott,
    This is a long winded thank you.
    It was easy to be part of an audience that was fun. Scott was amazing. If he decides to change careers he could be a stand up comedian or do movie character voices. His “Spanish Gentleman” voice and patter could be the next Puss-N-Boots, when Antonio Banderas steps down.
    The best part was all of the information. Still, I wouldn’t have been able to absorb half of it if it weren’t for the regular brain resets,. ie. a good laugh. Right up to the end I was still learning and feeling fresh. There aren’t many classes or teachers that I can say that about.
    Getting the workbook is invaluable. You just can’t write this stuff fast enough or in enough detail while Scott is teaching. The only time I managed to write both was when Scott slowed down and repeated his instructions because the technique he was using wasn’t in the workbook. (even then I missed holding the alt key and had to go to the NAPP tutorials to find it)
    Brad was great too. At breaks and lunch he would help people or chat for a few minutes. On stage he was making adjustments to the lights, sometimes before Scott asked, and being a great assistant… and straight man.
    The models were excellent too. Hope, Amanda and (I think his name was) Gereldo, all laughed and interacted well with Scott.
    The rest of the Kelby team were just as easy to talk to. Dave Gale and the Girls at the counters were helpful and friendly, while working as fast as they could to keep up with everything.
    It was a great bonus to have there and get to meet Terry White. He really is as nice and friendly as he seems.
    There were people there from B&H, On One Software, Wacom and 500px. Diana from 500px convinced me to open an account. Who knew they are based in Toronto.
    Finally, I am always struck by how sincerely thankful Scott is to the people around him.
    If you get a chance to see the Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It class with Scott, don’t pass it up.
    Thank you All. I had fun and learned lots.
    Take care,

  6. Thank you Scott for stopping by Toronto to share your Lighting + Retouching tips. I loved the step by step demos, your humour & the bonus Light It Shoot It Retouch It workbook. You are a great instructor & I look forward to you returning to Toronto.
    Happy Birthday!

  7. Scott, I never got to say hello as the lineups to meet you were miles long.
    Just want to let you know what an amazing teacher you are and the entertainment aspect of your personality make the message easier to remember.
    Next time you come to Toronto I would be happy to help you get Canadian models. The girls were great, but we have some serious homegrown talent here as well.
    Happy Birthday to you, keep rockin!

  8. Hope you had a great birthday, Scott!

    Thanks very much for a wonderful day. Your humour and ease with people (both models and students) is great! You’re easy to learn from. :)

    As an Ottawa shooter who’s traveled to Toronto twice for NAPP seminars, I second the motion that you come to Ottawa! We’d love to have you!!

    Cheers, Sarah

  9. Hey Scott, Hope you had a great birthday! That’s great you were able to get home to celebrate. Nothing better than being with friends and family.

    Can’t wait for you to be in Calgary in a couple weeks. It’s going to be awesome. I’ve waited so long for you to come here! We had tornadoes last night but we’ll make sure the weather is good for you!

  10. First, happy birthday!

    Second, thank you for coming to Toronto to teach. I’ve been to two courses prior, both by Dave Cross, so knew I could expect a good a great day of learning.

    It started from the moment I got there …. sold out, I arrived as a hopeful walk-in. While waiting against the wall to see if they could squeeze me and about a dozen other hopefuls in, casually ambling across the hallway is none other than Scott. A moment later, a gentleman passes by the registration lady, waves, and moves on. I walk back to her and ask “was that Terry White?” It sure was!

    A few, tense, bullet-sweating moments later …. I get in!!

    The day flys by! Each segment as interesting and informative as the previous one, with the Scott Kelby comedy show doubling as a Photography and Photoshop teacher. And it really is like most of his books illustrate …. he teaches like he’s your friend or neighbour … you learn it, but you really enjoy learning it.

    It was a long day, but never did Scott tire of meeting people, signing autographs, posing with people for photos, shaking hands, and offering a kind word of encouragement when it was your turn to meet him.

    Scott, you are one in a million. Thank you again for an amazing day!!

    Richard “walk-in # 12” Murray

    P.S. – I totally understand why, when you have thousands of dollars of photographic equipment with you, you take it with you everywhere …… but it was still weird trying to go to the bathroom with dozens of guys in the same room with cameras!!!

  11. Scott, your seminar in Toronto was AMAZING! I have never been so excited to get into the studio after a seminar. It was a phenominal experience. Thank you so much! Any chance you could post some of the shots that you took so we can see the finished images again please?

    PLEASE come back to Toronto again!! :)

  12. I can’t believe that you were in Canada yesterday and not even a few folks wished you a Happy Birthday and Joyeux Anniversaire!
    Glad you could celebrate at home with the fam.

  13. Happy Birthday, Scott! You’re so right about Canadians – wait till you get to Vancouver, it is a photographer’s paradise! You’ll throw rocks at Tampa (and I know how wonderful Tampa is). Enjoy!

  14. Hi Scott, Great to know you enjoyed Toronto and Canadians. It is terrible I missed the chance to meet you and your team but circumstances did not allow it :(
    I’m sure there will be other opportunities.

    Best to you and your family

  15. Scott,

    I’ve read your blog for a few years now but just had to comment now for the first time because of a few reasons. 1. Because you and I share the same birthday, and 2. cause I’m Canadian and appreciated the kind words you said about Canada.

    Hope you had a great birthday. I spend mine with my wife and our 7 day old son Noah, and to top it off my wife let me pick up a couple Pocket Wizard FlexTT5’s. :)

    Take Care,

  16. Hey Scott. It was wonderful to meet you at the seminar in Toronto and get a chance to talk to you in person! I learned SO MUCH and thoroughly enjoyed the day.


    Enjoy your Marshall TUBE guitar amp. It really does make a difference.

  17. Hey Scott,

    Great that you could to come to Canada for this seminar! We had Dave Cross last year, but it was fantastic to watch the master at work. The workflow part of the seminar was the most informative and I’m already scheming how to get a beauty dish for my studio strobes!

    And I was one of the folks reminding you to set it to the “All” setting on your remotes!

    Come back and visit us soon!

  18. happy birthday scott! thanks for everything you do to build the photography community. and the best part, is you do it with personality, style, and a lot of class. glad my hometown roots of toronto treated you well. hope you have a great day!

    (we’ll be expecting some epic pictures of cake.)

  19. Hello Scott!
    I know I’m totally late on this response here but i don’t feel too bad after having the oppertunity to wish you a happy birthday on Weds. in person.
    Your workshop was fantastic! I learnt so much and had a great time doing it. It was wonderful to have the oppertunity to attend and interact with you personally! I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to have you remember our discussion on Twitter (@RNashPhoto) and have some idea who I was. Thanks for coming to Canada and please add more canadian dates to all the upcoming Kelby Training Live tours. We love you up here!
    Take care,

  20. Hey Scott,

    Love your work & blog, I’m sad I won’t be able to make your Vancouver show. If you get a chance while in Vancouver, you should pop over to Vancouver Island (Victoria and Tofino) if you have a chance. You won’t be disappointed.


  21. Hey Scott it was amazing to get to Toronto to see and meet you, Loved the workshop I was the one yelling for your photo to be a poster on my wall of the male model! Your sense of humour was fabulous and kept the audience totally intrigued, I am a huge fan and am new to photography this past year and want to learn all I can!
    Wishing I could afford the VEGAS Trip I have researched it through each detail and would die to go on the photograph a wedding pre conference!
    Thank you for signing the book I purchased at the counter A must attend event for all.. Wishing to be in Vegas with all of you. LC Joyce

  22. Hello Scott,
    I love your work it is absolutely amazing…photography is my hobby but do not really know much about it and would love to see your seminar unfortunately you have it only in Calgary …next time could you please include Edmonton as well in your Canadian tour…would really like to treat you for lunch and talk photos..lol.

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